On the Wings of Courage


Listen to words of the Father,


“You are anointed and chosen for a high place. Like a bird, you were never meant to stay on the ground. It’s time to spread your wings and leave the comfort of the shallow nest. Step out with courage and come out of the den of your hiding place.


Instead of hiding from the men of strife, you will overcome. Don’t allow those with bitter disagreements to make you afraid. Do not fear the men of anger and rage. For you are not wrestling with men, but the evils of darkness. Though they claim to be in the vine of Christ, inside they are like dead trees. Nevermind their words, don’t even react, but rest in Me. Let the beauty of My countenance cover your face.


Go against the winds of self-comfort and surrender into your calling. No longer resisting what was meant to be, fly into the heights of your destiny. Do not fear their faces or panic when they speak. Wait for Me to come, this is My battle and you will hold your peace. Fear not, because I AM with you. Do not panic because the Lord is your God. My hand will hold you up and I will help you.


Before you were even born, you were chosen. Even in your mother’s womb, I appointed you. I am transforming you with brave wings to fly. Flying is being boldly confident in who you are.


Courage is the ability to do something that frightens you. Confronting that fear will give you a breakthrough. On the other side of fear, is the freedom that you seek. High in the sky, above man’s restrictions. Basking in the warmth of the sun, as your wings dance in the freedom of being accepted in the Beloved. You are the apple of My eye and I delight in you. 


What good are wings without the courage to fly? Be brave dear heart, have courage precious soul. Fears that are not faced become a fence to keep you away. Destiny is calling, and it is higher than you can imagine.


Take the leap and spread your wings on the way down. Trust that I will raise you up. Courage is like the muscle fanning over a bird’s chest. The large muscle that moves the wings, as the air gives a lift.  Build your wings of courage by the pressing movements of overcoming the fears that resist.


Remember who you are in me and the destiny that I have given to you. I will fight your battle and My peace will carry you. Surrender the fear to Me and you will find that the thing that you feared all along was really very small. Fear not the gods of man’s words, My peace will cast them down. Their words have no power over you if you refuse to let them in. Remember who you are and what I have called you to do.


I have made your mouth like a sharp sword and in the shadow of My hand, I have concealed you. Go in might and you will overcome these people of strife. I have sent you and placed the victory in your hand. As you step out with the courage to fly, the power of My Spirit will carry you. Lean back and rest upon the breath of Ruach Elohim. Don’t bow any longer to a spirit of fear. Rise up mighty warrior into who you are. Step out of the familiar and shake off the thoughts of worry and defeat.


Leave the safe place of comfort and follow Me into a new adventure. Awake, awake and put on strength. Put on the beauty of your calling. Destiny is waiting for you to come up a little higher. The wind is stirring to lift you high, spread your wings to a quick rise.


Rise up into your destiny, you were never meant to fit in, but you were made to fly. Come with Me to the high place, come out of the den where you hide. With each move of courage, your wings will move and you will fly. My love will lift you up to be who you are. My love will lift you up to the place where you belong. Come fly away with me”. 



Written by Dannette Lynn

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