A Promise of Transformation

“Spread your wings over your servant for you are my Redeemer” Ruth 3:9


A letter from Jesus. 


“I spread out my wings over you to redeem you from your pain. A miraculous transformation will happen through your deepest surrender. Lay down every self-serving way and trust me to carry you through. In growing comfortable in sorrow and affliction, lift up your eyes, I am ready to do something NEW. You may wonder,  ‘After all, I have gone through, shall I again have pleasure?’. 


My plans for you are better than your own. What I will give you will be better than you can dare to imagine. I will not take something away without giving you something better. Lay at my feet in surrender, as a bride pouring herself out in a love offering. Offer to me all of your heart, in complete trust and dependence. As you surrender every fear and self-protecting way, I will cover you with the promise of my name. Release the old ways to make room for the new. Total trust is the foundation of true love. Surrender completely every fear, jump off the bridge of self-comfort and go deep into the waters of my healing love.


Let your roots grow deep into me in all abandoned trust. Keeping it straight and stable, the root supports the tree. Rest in the root of my presence, rest in my all knowing protection. My rest sets you free from mans opinion and his power to do you harm. I will bless you and you will be a blessing. I do not give you timidity and fear. I give you power, love, and a rested mind. Resting comes with knowing that your help comes from me.


Turn your heart to me and come into your new inheritance. I will heal the pain of all the broken promises of man. Every Word I speak is pure, I am a shield to those who will trust in me. I will raise you up and make you strong. As you kneel, I will make you tall. At last, your love has come along, your lonely days are over and gone. Love lays down itself, to give it all again. Do not love your life more than me, keep me always as your first love.


I will redeem you from the shame of your past. Come under my protective wing and offer your heart to me. I will move swiftly to bring you a beautiful transformation. No more fear or worry, because your new inheritance commands a blessing.


Don’t go to any other field, but stay right here with me. Don’t worry about a thing, I will protect you under my wing. It is time for a new beginning, time to shed the old way of thinking. Trust me as your Redeemer, there is no fear in me. Come and stay with me. Come lay at my feet in surrender. I am lifting off every false burden and false reality. I have good plans for you. Plans for a hope and a future. Transformation happens after a heart surrender. I will transform your life into a double blessing. Today I spread my love over you, as your Kinsman Redeemer”.


Written by Dannette Lynn

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