Shore Break of Quenching Love



From the deep wounding and weariness of your long fight of faith, this is a time that you will embrace the Father’s love for you. He comes with security, protection, and provision. His love is coming to wash over you. His super surging waves will break down the doors that were needing to be opened. His name evokes a train of Hallelujahs wherever it is spoken, His arms are heaped with intentional goodness in this moment for you.


Tornadoes and hurricanes are the wakes of His passage, storm clouds rest beneath His feet. The wind and the waves forever obedient to His name. God is for you, don’t be afraid. Instead, lean into His love of rescue. Don’t lose heart, this is your appointment for His goodness to be revealed to you. Spread out like gifts under a tree, your weariness will turn into a sudden relief. Let there be a high expectation of your faith.


The winds of change have come to separate and to create a double flow of the spirit. There comes dancing on the sea, a violent column of rotating air in the shape of a funnel. It is radiant and golden, with purple and blue lightning strikes beckoning the entrance of His presence. The world cries “Holy, Holy, Holy” and bows to its knees in reverent worship.  In the center of the updraft, is a peace that passes all understanding. Strong with furry and destructive in power to remove those things that are hindering you. Destroying buildings and uprooting trees, a whirlwind creates instability in the atmosphere. No amount of control can stand against this power. This is the storm of God’s Glory, entering the night like a hero breaking through. 


Awaking from the pain of birth, the Glory of the Lord rises over you and every effect of witchcraft is broken. Arise, put your face in the sunlight, the brilliant Glory of Jesus has risen for you. From the dazzle of Zion, the Lord is blazing into view. Coming with His presence is the shore break of His spirit, large waves of His love crashing over you, as you drink from the rain of Heaven.


Deep calls to deep at the noise of His waterfalls. Father commands His loving kindness to sweep over you. A short break of love is crashing, a high rise of Holy Spirit from the strong winds your enemies destruction. The floods lift up their waves, your refreshing has come. The Lord is mightier than the many waters, than the waves that dance in the sea. Love water is pouring out, hear the tumult of the raging seas as the fierce love of the tides sweeping over the entirety of your soul and body.


The Lord is good, a stronghold in the day of trouble. He knows that you trust in Him. With an overflowing flood, He will make an end to your enemies. As a tree withers from the outside, the last part to die is the root. What has afflicted you has been cursed and Father is pulling out the root. He will fill that deep root of pain with the pure waters of His love. Healing always happens from the inside out. Feel the rising of the sun, as Father envelopes you in the promise of His love.


From the winds and waves, you can hear the Father’s song, “Come to me, lay your burdens down and find rest for your soul. Lay down as the waves of My love crash over you. The dawn of morning has come, your Joy has broken through. Release to Me every fear and worry and rest in My ability to take care of you. Let go of control and I will carry you. I cover you with the peace of comfort, like that of a quilted blanket. Rest My dear, I will take care of you. I am wiping the tears from your eyes and washing away the bitter pain.


Giving birth to promise, in the middle of a storm. From the valley of loss, a rainbow baby is born. In the morning light, a Mother’s day has come. From My grace and the divine fullness of My perfection. The aftermath of the storm brings the beauty of your rainbow baby. Your cries during this labor have become the sweetness of answered prayers. A new day has arrived, the memory of pain is fading away. 


From the pain of labor, the shore breaker of My love is sweeping over you. Out of your many sorrows and the pain of travail, I am pouring out a flood of My refreshing love for you. I will hold you in the security of My love and provide out of my abundance to you. This is My song, hear My love in every crashing wave, feel the healing as the mist of My love covers your face. Be refreshed from the heat of battle in the cooling waters of My spirit. A sudden end to your troubles arrives, with the shore break of My refreshing love waters”.




Written by Dannette Lynn