The Baby of Promise Will Live


As the baby of promise waited, you hoped for the new life to come. As the scenes changed in the natural, it looked more and more like an impossible dream. In a moment of doubt, the baby found a dangerous place. Slowly, she went to the stairway of unbelief. Faster than an avalanche, she fell hard down the steep downward staircase. At the bottom of the stairs, she fell, to what looked to be her death.


Running to your Father in Heaven, you cry out to Him, ” The baby of promise is dead!’. But with a gentle and warm smile, the Father is not worried one bit. As you see again, the baby has come to life. From the death of gray, her body fills with life and color. She awakens to see you and drink from the pure milk of God’s word. It was a resurrection miracle and what God has spoken, finally came to be.


In order to receive a miracle, you must believe that the miracle will happen to you. It may feel like you are stuck and confined by impossibility. The more you ponder how you could ever change, the more the word ‘impossible’ was lifted up inside your heart. Now the only way out is a miracle. God is inviting you to look again.


What you have seen happening in the natural is not your reality. But what is real is the unseen. When God spoke His word to you, with great joy it was received. It was a word of breakthrough and freedom. The weeds of doubt have tried to choke out the promise and word of faith. Let JOY fill your heart, as you receive His word for you again. From His throne He has spoken, He has shown you what is to come. Will you believe what He has said? If you can believe, it is yours. That is God’s gift of grace for you. You can go as high as your faith with take you. The question now is, how high do you want to go?


Come back to your place of hope, what God has spoken will not die, but it will LIVE. Now let your faith come alive! Let your faith grow as you look again and see the word of the Lord. Through your deep worship to Jesus, the invisible will be seen. Christ is rising on the inside of you. God is not a man that He should lie. Has He spoken and will He not do? As you focus on Jesus and what His cross has done for you, He will increase and the word of ‘impossible’ will decrease to nothing.


As we crown Jesus King, once again in our thoughts, He will increase within and every wall of opposition will come crumbling down. Lift up Jesus in worship and rest in His power. Set your mind, will, and emotions on Jesus and your healing will be done.


Strike the stronghold, that mighty mountain before you with the name of Jesus and decree what He has spoken to you. What God has diagnosed in you, is what is to be done. The word of healing has already been issued, it has been decreed. Now it only needs to manifest. God comes riding on the winds, to chase away the smoke of the false reality appearing to be real. What He has said is what will be.


As you circle this great mountain of the flesh with the rod of Jesus and His living word, the waters of the Spirit will flow out. Sing to the well of water inside you, ‘Spring up O well’. As you sing and decree God’s word, it cuts into the stone of that mountain and draws the waters of the spirit out.


Jesus on the inside is Emmanuel, God with us. Rest all of your efforts in the vine of Jesus. What He has, is flowing through you!


Angels have gathered around and are ready to perform this miracle. All you have to do is believe and speak what God has spoken. Jesus is the key that opens up the fountains of healing water, that have been backed up by unbelief.


Believe what God has given you. A promise from God is not earned by works, but it is a GIFT of GRACE. It is God who touches the hills and they smoke. As you remove your shoes of self-effort, the burning fire of God’s word will cut the rock. It was never meant to be done by you. All He has asked you to do is BELIEVE.


I pray for LIFE over your FAITH to receive this Miracle. Let God blow onto the flame of worship in your heart to break out like a ravenous fire. Let the deep worship of Jesus be the fire that burns up all doubt and unbelief. May you see what you have believed come into the fruit of fulfillment. Not by what you do, but all by the Spirit of the LORD. Who brings light to the darkness and calls those things that were not into being. He is God and he will help you. All in Jesus name, Amen.


Your name has been called to receive this miracle baby of Promise. Believe and you will receive what God has spoken come alive through faith.



It is because of Jesus and this is His gift to you!~


Written by Dannette Lynn