Wrapped in a Healing Anointing

A word of healing to those who are seeking to heal, from Jesus, the Chief Shepherd King,
“My name is an aroma of oil poured out. Like a cluster of Henna blooms tucked inside a fountain of youth, My anointing is the true source of power.
I give you joy from your suffering and praise from the anguish. As your redeemer, I live to take away your shame. I will rescue you from the valley of humiliation and trouble. I shall perfect you in My love and make you as fair as the day. There is no problem that My love cannot overcome and I give you victory in the battle. Believe My promises and not the obstacle, My light is rising over you with a revelation of awakening and I will turn your midnight into the joy of morning. My light will fill the tombs of your life like sun beams shimmering into a rocky cave, as your redemption breaks into the morning.
I have paid the price for your healing when I ransomed My bride and ascended into Heaven with glory. Healing streams are within you, you have been anointed to overflowing. There is nothing that supersedes Me. All things were placed under My feet, as the head over all. The fullness who fills all in all, from the head, My anointing drips down to the body.
All that you need is has been given to you, I am the source of the anointing the destroys every yoke. Rest in Me with great delight, My love poured out over your soul and body. I bring you the banqueting house and My banner over you is Love.
A garden enclosed is My spouse, a spring shut up, a fountain that is sealed. I have harvested you with the power of My love. Your plants are an orchard of pleasant fruits, fragrant henna, and spikenard. I sing a song of My love over you, for the joy that I have set before you. I am making all things new for you. I will be to you a place of double peace, a diving pool of healing waters. In a house of kindness and grace, I will be your shelter.
Rise and rouse from sleep, from sitting in circumstances of death and disease. Denounce the yoke, you have been set free. You will rise up with wings of strength and soar in the heights as an eagle.
Penetrate heaven with your faith and stir the waters up. When your words align with My word, My anointing will work for you. Take up your place of sleeping and walk by faith to My healing pool. Those symptoms are lying. In the spirit realm, you are whole and well, have faith in My anointing and the King of Love.
My anointing is in you and will envelop you in a haze of my brilliance, you will be wrapped up in the power of God. A sweet perfume, I AM, strongholds are broken when faith and My name are applied. Believe that you have received and it will be yours.
I cover you with the cloth of anointed spices. I saturate you with cassia, myrrh, and aloes. Fairer than the sons of men, grace is poured from My lips. Awake and sing, you who dwell in the dust, for My dew is as the dew of herbs, and every trace of death shall be cast out.
Awake from where you sit and arise from disease and death. You are perfect to Me, there is no blemish on you. The gift of faith is rising, stir the waters and believe. Rest from your labors, I will be all that you need. By faith put your whole heart and trust in Me. Commit in your mind not to doubt, in the spirit realm, you have already received what you are hoping for.
Rise up and walk in faith, My love has made you whole. The royal daughter is all glorious, her clothing is woven with gold. With gladness, My bride is brought before the King, to the wealth of My storehouse. I know that you have suffered much and doubt has often tried to harm you. I give to you all that I bought, I spread out the banquet of My love before you. Faith is to believe without a doubt, even when the symptoms cause illusions. Rejoice in your beauty and in the fulfillment My promises.
Drink My beloved from the healing streams and eat the fruit of My harvest. I have been anointed above all with the oil of gladness. Fragrant with a mountain breeze are the garments of the Chief Shepherd King. With high expectant faith, open your heart to receive Me. You are covered with My feathers and under My wings, you will find refuge. What you believe must reach your destination before your feet do. Rise up in your thoughts and walk with faith to the healing waters.
Rise up and believe, My beauty and come away with Me to be drenched in the healing waters of My affectionate love and kindness”.

Written by Dannette Lynn

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