From Your Troubles Flowers Will Bloom

It has been long and difficult, this journey that you have been on. Long ago the Lord planted a faith growing promise, deep within your heart. The time of suffering has been used for good and sowing into the fulfillment of the dream. It has been preparing you for the extraordinary destiny of the call on your life. This difficult road has been used to prepare you and grow you in your gifts. It has been humbling and purifying your heart so that you will be a leader that is corruption free.


You will have integrity in all of your ways and you will prosper in all that you do. Your experience in the prison gives you compassion for those in need. Your heart loves to help others and support the justice of their cause. You are a chosen leader, handcrafted by God.


God will use your experience to promote you into a high place of honor. As a representative of the Lord, you will move in great power. Your gift will bring you before the presence of earthly kings. Though the journey of the present may be wearisome, you cannot rush a promise that God has made.


Enduring the suffering develops patience and patience must finish its perfect way. The hope of the promise will not disappoint you, the love of God will pour out like a river over the seeds of promise to bring fulfillment to the Word.


The words of faith that you speak will promote the blooming of your promises. Every word will be like a harvest, so be sure to sow with words of faith. Never plant a word of unbelief next to the seed of a blessing, that they may not cancel out from a negative confession. God will cause these seeds to bloom and you will forget your suffering. You will receive an abundant harvest in the very place that your deep afflictions came.


God will pour out His love over your time of pain and the promised vision will come to pass. Let no attention be given to the challenging circumstances at hand. Instead, focus on the word of God and what He has said, crowning the Lord as King over your heart. 


This is your journey into the inheritance of your dreams. From rags to riches and from shame to honor, you will receive. There will be a purpose for your pain, don’t give up now. From that prison cell, you are coming out. There is power in your petitions when you speak what you believe. The tongue producing a sure harvest from the spoken seed.


In the wilderness journey, don’t curse your life with negative words. You are getting stronger, the farther that you go. The farther away that the promise appears, the closer it truly is.  The sweat and tears of today will become your joy and celebration of your tomorrow. Speaking only blessings, refuse to defend yourself with a curse when slanderous words come. 


Those who curse you with words of death are reaping their own words of evil upon their heads. Like drinking down poison and expecting the other person to die, is the one who speaks evil of another and every curse against you will return to its sender.


God will rescue you from every hidden trap of the enemy. The net that the wicked worker has hidden will only catch himself. Into the very destruction of his plots for you, the wicked worker will fall.


Like the crocus flower, one of the first flowers of spring. Your harvest will surprise you and show up suddenly. It will emerge long before the danger of the snow warfare and freezing weather has passed.


This is your declaration of independence, in a flashing moment, everything will change. Like fireworks lighting up the sky, your troubles will suddenly be turned into the proclamations that you have been saying. From the time of suffering, flowers of promise will bloom. Everywhere that you look, your eyes will see them cover the ground that was once dirt and your nose will inhale their captivating fragrance of your makers love.


Because you refused to quit and you chose to believe, the seeds of promise mixed with the seeds of faith will manifest to you the beauty of your dreams.


Written by Dannette Lynn


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