Hope in Letting Go

Remember your word to your servant, upon which you have caused me to Hope – Psalm 119:49


A letter from Jesus.


“I am faithful to establish my plans in your life and keep you from the plots of evil. When your body or circumstances do not line up with your promise, against all hope, let your hope be in my word. Determine to be fully persuaded that I am able to perform my word and willing to establish your hope. Do not be led away in unbelief and give no time to worry. The word doesn’t prosper when mixed with a heart of unbelief. When hope is missing, then unbelief has taken the stage.


Do not waver when your promises are not performed in the time that you judge they ought to be. Trust in my presence and rest in my unfailing word. Though you may be in the fire of faith testing, you will come out as gold and in the splendor of my word. 


The hope of the righteous will be gladness, but the expectation of the wicked will fall away. I have plans for you that are only good and not evil. I have no desire to make you afraid. I will give you the expectation of your hope if you will only believe. Hope is attached to your promise, it is the substance of your faith.


Seeing my face always before you, know that I am holding your hand. I am with you and you are not alone. You will not be shaken because you are rooted and grounded in me, protected in the shelter of my love. Your heart will rejoice and you shall be glad as you meditate on the goodness of every promise that I have made. Joy comes with knowing that every promise of my word is already yours and the prophecy has been done. Rest in hope, for I will not leave you in a place of suffering. Instead, I will fulfill the desire and it will be to you a tree of life. Let not your future be judged on your past experience, a new day has arrived.


I have made known to you my plans before they have come into manifestation. Those problems that cause you worry, the stressful situations that you are unable to change, the fears that you fret over, the dreads of what could be and the battles that you are needing to overcome; those belong to me.


Do not be afraid, fear is only in unbelief. I am for you and not against you, therefore who should make you afraid? These burdens are too heavy for you and they keep you from your destination. Give them to me and rest, so that your joy can be full.


There is nothing that I cannot handle, trust and believe that I am active in your life. I am your ever present help, in every time of trouble. Find rest for your soul in knowing that I will take care of all that pertains to your life. Like a tree surging with powerful life, you are like the leaves that are gently held. My life and my promises flow freely to you, rest in my conquering power. Receive from a place of rest, because rest is a weapon to keep you safe. 


Let go of every problem and fear; as a Kingdom child who fully trusts. Full of joy in knowing that I will bring the expectation of your hope. I am your healer and your provider, the deliverer from disaster. My plans will prevail in your life, let my peace be where you keep your mind. I have no rival, I am exalted above every mountain of trouble. Receive the peace and joy of knowing that I have solved every problem as you lay your burdens down”. 



Written by Dannette Lynn



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