Oh my Cinderella


O my Cinderella, sweeping the floors covered in dirt, with kindness in your heart. So many times you were mistreated, by those who should have loved you the most. The bitterness of their heart, like acid, feeding off the envy and jealousy. In the sharpness of their mistreatment, you chose to love and forgive. You chose the serve. Knowing, all together, that love is never rude. Nothing could ever separate you from my love, even in the strongest winds, you would abide. With a smile on your face and a song in your heart, you believed in the dream of my promise for you.


You are so beautiful, I am captivated by your love. When I am at my table, your Spikenard sends forth its fragrance.The garden of your heart sends out its spices, as the wind blows. You have ravished my heart, with one look in your eyes. Even through your suffering, you chose to seek me first. You are chosen by the King, there is no one just like you. No one can compare to the beauty inside.


I am coming to set you out of that place and away from those who pull you down. Forgetting what is behind, look ahead and come away with me. Have the courage to trust me, always be brave. Where I am taking you will be better than a dream. I love to celebrate you with my love. With Joy spilling over, I am rejoicing over my bride. My chariots are coming to take you into your rightful place, as my beloved beauty of true royalty, my light will shine.


Jealousy could not stop the love song of your heart. As you danced and sweetly sang of your love for me. I will wipe away the dirt of yesterday and dress you in my beauty instead of pain. My love is coming to save the day, it will be better than you have ever hoped or dreamed” Love letter from King Jesus, a Cinderella inspired love story.



Written by Dannette Lynn



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