The Night of Birth

In the night of deep labor, the pain so very extreme. The warfare surrounding this birth has been more than you ever dreamed. It is hard to remember the happy ending when you are bent over with pain. 


In order to deliver the baby of promise inside, you have to endure the pain of this moment. It may be hurting worse than you ever expected, but the promise is being birthed. You’ve come too far to turn back, your fulfillment is almost here. Don’t lose heart, God won’t leave you there.


Rejoice highly favored one, for the Lord is with you. Through the pain, you’re almost there, on the night of the birth. Angels are singing over this birth, don’t hold your breath. Pain is an indicator that it’s time to push. In the hardest pain and pressure, your baby’s head is crowning.


As the baby’s head begins to emerge, the burning and stretching that you experience is like a “ring of fire”. In the fire of this pressure, your relief is soon to follow. After going through the fire, the labor is well over. In the birth of this baby, everything happening on the outside looks contrary to what the Lord has said. What you see in your life that wars against your promise will soon fade away and only the promise will stay.


Keep your mind on your promise, breathing down towards the baby. At the moment of your birth, the burden is lifted and the happiest moment is made. Don’t resist the urge to push through the pain, your baby of promise is twisting and turning inside, to find the perfect position to be born in your life.


God is with you and He is in control of this birth. Your prayer has been heard, you will have joy and gladness instead of pain. There will be a fulfillment of those things spoken to you by the Lord. Trust in God to pull you through, He who promised is faithful to bring the delivery too. His mighty hand overshadows you, with God nothing shall be impossible to you.


There is nothing that God does not see, every hair on your head has been counted carefully. He measures the waters in the hollow of His hand and brings out the brilliant glass from the sand. The hand of the Lord is with you, God has heard your petitions.


As you place your mind on the promise, hope will flood your soul. Every good and perfect gift comes from above from the Father of lights. To your mind the promise is future, but in the spirit, it is already here. You already have this wonderful gift. The promise is yours, the Word will accomplish the purpose for which it was sent.


Not by might nor by power, but by the Spirit the mountains of difficulties will melt. The birthing of this baby will make the mountains flat. The Word of God will not return empty, but it will break through every darkness, like a baby of Promise entering with light.


The voice of the Lord is over the waters, The God of Glory thunders. Full of power and majesty, the voice of the Lord causes the deer to give birth and separates the flames of fire. The Lord will give you strength and bless you with His peace.


Instead of having warfare, you will have peace on all sides. Even your enemies will be at peace with you. Instead of being double afflicted, the Lord speaks “Peace, Peace” to you and “Comfort, Comfort” for your sorrows. No amount of suffering can compare to what the Lord will do. He will bring every affliction up as beautiful flowers that cover the earth.


Trusting that God will take care of you, move forward, and forget the pain. Let those things that you hope for be the center of your mind. This is the night of birth, you are moving past the ring of fire. The thrill of Joy will cover you and the weary will rejoice. At this birth of promise, all pain will subside.


Falling to your knees in relief, that the birth is finally here. You gather your baby of promise in your arms, as tears of joy stream down your cheeks. Though it seemed as if it was never-ending, the baby was suddenly birthed.


Don’t lose hope, the pressure is a sign of change. Let visions of your promise dance in your heart and let your soul sing. You will come out of the battle and into the fulfillment of the Promised Word. Push through the fire, the manifestation is soon to arrive. 



Written by Dannette Lynn