You Will Recover ALL

This is a word for those who have suffered extreme losses in their life. 


The winds of destruction came plunging through your life. Ransacked and spoiled by the enemy, the losses were far too great. Losing everything brought heartache and pain. In the shattered mess you would weep and weep until you no longer had the power to weep anymore. Your heart was torn in pieces and you were desperate for the Lord. 


What the enemy meant for evil, God will use for good. This is what the Lord says,


“You shall surely overtake your enemy and recover ALL. Without fail you will bring back all that was lost. Cast your cares on me, lay your burdens down. When the pain is deep, go deeper into prayer. There is great power in your prayer, like water pouring out of your heart. As you kneel down to draw close, I will lift you up.


Pray expecting, your words carry life. When the wicked are cut off you will see it with your eyes. I have made ready my arrows on my string toward their faces. The hardest warfare often comes at the brink of your biggest breakthroughs. Celebrate in your pain, because you will regain all that you lost.


I will give the gift of your heart’s desire and not withhold the request of your lips. I will lavish you with blessings of goodness and set a golden crown upon your head. Don’t worry, you will not be ashamed. Your enemies will not triumph over you. Their advancing loss will be your gain. The bonds of wickedness are loosed. Those who deal treacherously without cause will be cloaked in shame.


You will know my tender mercies and my personal loving kindness. The humble I will guide in justice and the man who fears the Lord will be prosperous. I share my secrets with those who reverence me, they will open up the packages of my promises, boxed with love and string.


What I have said is what I will perform. You will overtake the thief and recover all by the power of my Word. My word alone can catch a falling star and show the moon just where to go. I am close to all who call upon my name. The proud will meet my resistance, but I give grace to the humble. As you yield to me, to do my will through selfless obedience, I will release a sudden downpour of blessings. 


Your light will break forth like the morning and your healing will spring forth rapidly. You are like a well-watered garden, a spring that never runs dry. From the crumbled ruins of your life, I will rebuild with beauty. The bitterness will be turned to sweet, as I make all things new again. Instead of the sorrow of ashes, you will be decorated with Diamonds and Rubies.


Your joy will be full, instead of crying out, you will proclaim the wondrous works that I have done. What I have promised is exactly what I will do in your life. What the enemy meant to harm you will become your greatest blessing and your victory song. What you have lost will be returned, without fail you will recover ALL. Instead of lack, you will prosper in every area of your life”.



Written by Dannette Lynn


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