A Day to Ascend

It’s a day to ascend up to the top of the high mountain of Faith. To climb up this mountain, you must come into a place of total rest in the promises of God. In all abandonment to His word, you will reach the highest peak, where the words that you have believed in faith are fulfilled before your eyes. Trading your faith in for beauty, you will receive the reward of trusting in God.


The highest places of this mountain are covered with snow capped glory, radiantly glittering in the light. The glory of God settles over this mountain, in a thick cloud and His glory shines on your face. Rushing water pours down between the rocks to replenish you, with a double portion of the Spirit. As you enter the cloud of this glory, the baby of your promise will start crying out. There is no other way to reach the manifestations of these promises, without climbing to the top. With a heart fully abandoned to God’s Word and the promises, He has placed in your heart. 


The voice of the Beloved Jesus comes leaping upon the mountains and skipping along the hills.


“Ascend with me into the highest peaks, where the natural air is thin. By faith inhale the words that I speak. The mountain tops are full of dare and risk of putting all of your trust in the promises of my Word. With all abandoned Faith, will you ascend with me?


Build yourself an altar at the bottom of the mountain to surrender your whole self to trust in me. Let us go to the highest place, where there is no more fear, only joy, and love. Holding all things together by the Word of my power, I will carry you up to the top, to be supported by my power.


With total trust to overcome any fear of heights, come with me to the mountaintops of the highest Faith. I am not a man that I should ever lie, nor I am as I man that I should change my mind. You can fully rest in the promises of My Word. Completely surrender all control and believe what I say.


The word cannot prosper in a heart of unbelief. Decide this day, whose report you will believe. Doubt and wavering come from taking your eyes off of the promise. The enemy contends in the time of waiting. Though it may tarry, the word will surely come. Do not fear any evil, because I am always by your side. You will ascend over the extremely steep mass of rock, carried by the overhead power of God. Faithful is He who calls you, who will also do it. But you must believe completely, no wavering in your heart.


On the face of the cliff, lay your heart on the altar, to trust in my perfect will. High in the air, with all abandonment to self, you will encounter the Glory of God. My power will be your support. Trust in what you cannot see and rest from your work. The invisible world is eternal, my word will always be. Come up to the high places of Faith and enter into the Glory cloud.


Your face will be shine with brightness, as you draw closer to me. Those who look to me are radiant, they will not be ashamed. I will make my goodness pass before you and speak my name over you, as a banner of my Love. I am the LORD and I will protect you. There are so many good gifts that I have to give you if you will only Believe with all of your heart.


I Am the Word and the Word is Me. You can trust in my promises, I AM Faithful to the core. Come up higher with me and believe what I say. Live in a place where the enemy cannot steal from you, high above all circumstances, be supported in me.


I will never leave you or forsake you. I am your helper, do not fear what man can do. Up on the high mountain of Faith, you will experience security in the hand of God. I will uphold you with my righteous right hand. I am always good and I will not let you down.


Confidence in me is to be fear free. I am putting jewels on your crown. Be not afraid of the storms that pass by, I will cover you with my hand. By my name, the storm has to calm. Do not worry about what you need, your Father knows what you need before you even ask. His eye is on the sparrow and you are the affection of His heart. You are the head and not the tail, the one who I have blessed. 


Nothing is impossible with me, I am the God of miracles. If you will believe my word, you will prosper and be in health. Walk with me to the highest realm of Faith. Far above any principality or power, nothing of this world can bring you down. You will find rest here, to soar like an eagle in the sky. Like an eagle with its wings spread out, you will experience rest and freedom from the burdens of your life. 


Let my word by your confession. Find shelter in me.  Securely you are held by the Word of God. A golden splendor towering Heavenward, you can see the highest arch. All that you have been waiting to see with your eyes will soon come clearly into sight.


Ascend with me to the highest place, on the mountain of super Faith.  My presence will go with you and I will give you rest. Let us go to the highest place to bring your dreams to pass. All things are possible through me, there are no limits to what you can receive.  My Word is alive and every promise is true. Come up to the high place of believing and receive the reward of your Faith. As we reach the top, It will be like a dream. All that you have been waiting for will manifest in plain sight. 


Welcome my beloved, to the Promised Land. On the mountain of high Faith, the promises are born”.



Written by Dannette Lynn


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