In the Shelter of My Promise

A love letter from Jesus. 


“Hope that is in Me will not disappoint you, I have placed My promise in your heart. Let your heart trust me, I will never fail you. Let go of everything that you cling to, lay it before Me as an offering of trust. I will manifest myself to you. I will go before you and I will give you rest.


I will comfort you in your affliction. I have given you My word to bring you hope. This hope is the confidence of the word I have given you. Never will I disappoint you, when you hope in my promise. For what I have spoken shall come to pass and your heart will be joyful.


I have clothed you in My favor, I wrap myself around you. Whether it be day or night, My favor surrounds you. No harm will succeed in your life, for I will use my favor to turn all things in your life into good. You are My beloved and My heart is always for you.


My word is filled with my abundant mercy towards you. Forever, My word is settled in heaven. There is nothing that will stop My intentional love for you from My word of promise.


I will revive you from your afflictions through the goodness of my plans for you. Though you have suffered bitterness and your soul has clung to the dust, I will have compassion on you and surround you in My beauty. I have a plan to bring good to you and my plan will bring you the expected end through the hope I have placed in your heart. For I have given you a new heart, sealed with My love. You have been translated from the kingdom of darkness, into the Kingdom of light.


I will hide you from the plans of the enemy and I will shield you and protect you. Trust Me always. Let your heart trust Me to care for you. I have sent My word to save you, it will surely come to pass. For what was planted in the dark, will be manifested into the light.


My hand will reach down and take you from your lowly state and set you on high, for My eye is watching the one who trusts me. Your mourning will not last forever, but I will lift you up to safety, for I have redeemed you forever.


I will open your eyes to see my wonders. For what you have hoped for, soon you will see. I am reviving you with my rainbow of promise. My presence will forever be your guide. I will pour My spirit into the dry and thirsty places, you will come alive with my love and your heart will rejoice. For I am the God of your salvation. I have been with you in your suffering and I have seen your tears.


What you have suffered will not compare to what I will do for you. As a shadow passing in the night, your pain will not be remembered. Instead, your soul will be refreshed by My goodness and the satisfaction of seeing My hearts desires for you.


Therefore let your heart be glad and rest in this hope. I am the door of Hope and the God of promise and I will save you. Adhere yourself to me in confidence and trust. I am your hope in every storm, the rock of your protection. In the secret place, I will hide you from danger, I will cover you under my feathers of favor. No one can remove my blessing from your life. Soon you will see that I have made a way, where there seemed to be no way. At the end of this road, you will see how I have held you close to my love. Trust in my plans, they are always good. Rest My precious one, in the shelter of My promise.”



Written by Dannette Lynn


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