Reaching with Faith

This is a word story that is very personal to me. It is inspired by the Biblical story of the woman with the issue of blood. Through faith and revelation from Holy Spirit this story was built, in hopes to boost faith to the reader to receive a miracle from Jesus. To take abiding in Jesus even deeper, the Lord began to show me through this story, how we can use our faith to receive from Jesus in the spiritual realm of miracles. To those that are believing for a miracle, I pray that this little story would super-charge your faith to tap into the limitless power of Jesus, the Christ in you. 


A certain woman, who has established the Word of Promise beyond a doubt, come pressing through the crowds. She heard the voice of Jesus, she believed in the words that He breathed into her heart. 


In the present tense, she was deeply afflicted. There was a non-stop issue that she was desperate to be free from. It tormented her day and night and she would give anything to be healed of her suffering. Her enemy often used this ailment against her, like a sharp cutting stone to cause pain. 


No matter what she tried, nothing could make her better. Her problem only seemed to get worse, nothing could help. In her heart, she held a dream. She saw in hope, the person that she could be. The certain woman decided to believe 100% because she knew that you cannot move backward and forward at the same time. Instead of looking at her natural condition, she focused with all of her efforts on Jesus. 


A revelation came and she realized that she was under a divine authority. She had the right to receive the anointing, the Dunamis power of Jesus, she only had to believe. A miracle healing was what she relentlessly sought. She saw the light and her faith was rising up. The fog was lifted, and she believed that there was a way! Finally, she could be the person that she saw in her heart, the one who was fully free. As she drew close to Jesus, she recognized that she could harness His power and be free from her afflictions in both soul and body. There was power in her Faith to receive. 


Her faith told her that if she could just press into the presence of Christ, even just to touch His mantle, that she would be healed and delivered in one day. The certain woman, who had established God’s word without a doubt, knew that God gave her a dream that required the anointing to be fulfilled. It was God’s plan all along to make her dream come true. The maker of her heart was also the one who loved it too. 


Reaching for Jesus, she pulled with all of her faith, upon the ONE who had the power to execute this miracle promise. She refused to let fear or doubt pull her away. Unwavering, she believed in the miracle power of God. Completely convinced, she would not back down. Her determination was to have her promise now. As she pulled and stretched her faith to believe, the burning flame of the anointing was filling her soul and body. Immediately, as the anointing touched her, the source of her suffering was shriveled up. The affliction saw the light of Jesus and died.


The flame of Jesus was a fire, the Holy One a flame. It burned and devoured all death upon her soul and body, in only one day. When the enemy saw the Light of Jesus, all death had to leave her NOW. The burden of the enemy has lifted away and destroyed because of the anointing of the Lord Jesus Christ.


Jesus turning towards her, His eyes were like flames of fire. His presence was pure love. He marveled at her faith and said,


“You are no longer a little girl, but you are now anointed as a daughter. You have grown up in Me enough to know that the Word of my Promise has the ultimate authority and you are clean by my blood. No more will you be under the plague, but from now on you will prosper in both soul and body. Every area of your life, blessings will flow because you believed and did not doubt. 


Daughter, go in peace, your FAITH has healed you. What you have believed is what I have done”.


Written by Dannette Lynn



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