Hope Powers You into Promise

A love letter from the Father. 



“I have seen your struggles and the cries of your heart. I know just what you have battled, and the suffering you have felt. In the hopeless nights and the anguish of bitter tears, I know your sorrows and the dreams that you long to be filled. You have battled so hard, from the lashes of life. Even though you feel alone, I have never left your side.


Though it may seem like your life is falling apart, I will turn it all around with a sudden surprise. See it now, the promises of your dreams. See it now, as though it is already done. From your darkest troubles, I will open a door of hope. Step into your promises with hope, I will not deny your heart. 


My dreamer, I have been working all things out for your good. In a moment I will change everything before your eyes. It will be like Christmas morning, to a child who still believes that miracles can be done. What I do for you will cause you to forget the pain of this spiritual birth. It will be better than you can even imagine for yourself.


Afflictions work to advance you into the fulfillment of your promises. Rejoice in your tribulations, they accomplish experience, patience, and hope. The natural circumstances that oppose you are a sign that your breakthrough has come. Hope means to anticipate with expectation. In hope, you can rejoice because it’s already done.  Believe that I have provided every need that you have. Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not yet seen. Before you even pray, conclude that it is done.


You are my friend and a receiver of promise. Faith is the vehicle, that brings you to your promised destination. Hope is the gasoline, the power that makes you move. Hope is alive and full of energy to carry you. Hope is attached to your end result. It keeps you from wavering so that your prayers will be performed. Worry means to not have hope, one who wavers should not expect to receive from the Lord. Trust me to do what you have asked, Rejoice in your hope, because you will receive your answered prayer. 


Hope lets you see the promise before it has come. Without hope there is no gasoline to move, without hope, nothing can be done. Apply your faith, to your hope and my power will fill your life. Dreams can come true with simple trust and the imagination to believe. Like a child full of wonder, you are excited for the impossible to be seen. I am not limited, nothing is impossible to me. Faith believes that you have already reached your promised destination. Rest like a little child and believe with all of your heart. 


Keep the promise before your eyes, with pleasure and expectancy. Hope holds you to the promise, it’s an anchor to your soul. My child, do not look at your circumstances but see with your faith.  Stay expectant and see the vision coming to life. Hope will see the promise, Faith will draw it out. Reach with your faith and believe that every promise is already yours.


Before an outpouring of the spirit, there is always a drought. Right after the hardest trials, comes the best times of your life. From the valley, comes the mountain tops. From the hardest pain of labor, comes the birth of the child. After the storm, the sun comes out.  Having nothing now means your stepping into wealth. What you are lacking, I am willing to fill. Every longing of your heart, will not go without. 


Hope makes you not ashamed. I will not deny you the dreams of your heart. Instead, I will bless you with more than you expect and your joy will be full. Rejoice in your trials, it means your breakthrough has come. Ashes will turn to beauty and dust into dazzling diamonds that sparkle and shine. The harder the trial has been, the sweeter the relief will be. 


Decorate your heart with excitement, at my Holiday surprise. Everything will change, in the twinkle of an eye. You will receive your promises, that you have believed with your faith. To the one who has faith and hope, anything can be done. This is your inheritance in the Lord Jesus Christ. You are seated in Heavenly places, therefore receive from your Kingdom account. I have limitless power and an abundance of love. Hang up the lights of celebration and believe that what you have been promised, has already become”.



Written by Dannette Lynn


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