A Time to Speak


Like Esther, who God had chosen for a historical moment of time,  you have also been chosen to speak. An anointing of deliverance and authority has been under your tongue, released by the words that you speak. 


This is a word for those like Esther, from Father and a release of healing from fear. Be blessed.


“It is a time where fear must bow to my feet. It’s a time to speak. Lay down your worries and surrender control and rest in my unwavering love. Healing waters of my love are pouring into your mind, healing away the fear-filled thoughts. My canopy of protection over you will protect you from all evil. The fear that was squeezing your heart and constricting the oxygen flow is being washed away with the streams of my love. The pressure that was on your shoulders, pushing you down, is being lifted, as the burden is removed.


You are bold and you laugh at the future without fear. This is your moment to shine, you were chosen for such a time. Like the little spider going up the water spout, deception of fear is being washed out. Like a dam breaking, the water of my spirit held back will be suddenly released. A double portion of Holy Spirit is pouring out, pure love waters washing away the dread and fear. Flushing out with a surge of water, your spiritual pipes are flowing with pure love waters.


I will raise you up on eagles wings, and carry you until the break of dawn. Lay down and rest in the palm of my hand, I will protect you from all harm. I will rescue you and shield you. As you trust me, you will be like a tree planted by the river streams, with your roots spread out into the waters. You will not be careful in the year of drought or cease to yield your fruit. When the pressure of heat comes, your leaf will always stay green.


Those who dare attack you, are attacking me. When the wicked come against you, like seeds barely rooted, just sprouted, they will shrivel when I blow upon them and my wind will chase them away. Their words are gaping graves, and their tongues are land mines. Yet as a self-built trap, your enemies will eat the fruit of their own way and be filled to the full with their own destructive fancies.


Trust me to defend you. I will destroy the lies that were whispered about you, clearing up the misunderstandings and twisted beliefs. Abolishing all shame attached to your name, you will be known by a new name given by me. Even if your lips are trembling, open your mouth and speak. On the other side of this risk is the place of your destiny dreams.


I have given you power and authority to speak. Like a creative force, your words are anointed to bring change. When you give the command, the life and power of Christ will reach out. Jesus working through you to establish the words that you create. Dwelling in the shelter of the Lord will make your face shine like the sun. Rest in this place, no words can hurt you here, nor will you embrace their sting.


Royal one, I have given you great favor and called you by your name. I have set a royal crown upon your head. A symbol of authority and decorated with exquisite gems. There is no place that you can fall, that my love will not catch you. Let go and rest in my omnipresence. I am on the throne, the opposition only works to your increase. You can go as high as your heart desires, just don’t look down. Do not fear their faces, for I am with you to deliver you.


Speak beloved, do not hide your crown, for I will give you favor in the presence of God and man. Let the bricks of tension and fear fall off of your shoulders. Let go and sink into my love. Steady your breathing, inhaling my peace.  Shake off the worry, and relax your muscles to trust. Dive into where I send you and leave your concerns behind.


Fear only has power if you believe it and the opinions of man if you receive it. Who is like the Lord? Who has power over my command? Give me all of your worries and rest in my hand. Enter into the freedom of surrendering control and things will start moving fast.


On the swift train of glory rising, the pace is up to you. The sooner that you let go and trust, the faster the train will move. You are going higher than you ever have known, it will be a fun-filled ride, your joy will be full. There is a time to remain silent and there is a time to speak. Step forward, Royal One, the time to speak is now. My favor is in your hands, ask your request and it shall be given to you. The time of your promotion has come”.


Written by Dannette Lynn


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