A Bold Prayer Answered


Your prayers have been heard, every tear understood. No sooner than you started your prayer, an answer was already given. Holy Spirit walks alongside you, making prayers out of your wordless sighs. Every detail of your life is working to good. You are a much-loved Child of God. 


Come boldly to the throne of God, let your lips sing praise. Praying from your identity in Christ will bring establishment to the prayers of your life, all things are possible with God. See yourself now, seated with Christ, high above all opposition. The scepter has been given to you, your permission already was given.


Let your prayers come from your place in Heaven, from your seated position with Christ. Heaven is where God’s word is settled, believe that your prayers have already been done. See who you are, hidden in Christ, in the newness of your life.


To be earthly minded is to panic and doubt. To think from your place in Heaven, you rejoice because you know the victory is yours. Think about what God is thinking, there are no doubts in His word, as a man thinks in his mind, that he shall become.


There is no lack in Jesus, He is not in sick or living without. Face your adversary from a Heavenly perspective, you have already overcome. Far above all rulers and principalities, Jesus is King over all. As He is in Heaven, so are you in this world. When you pray from your place in Jesus, it is an abundant river of wealth that never runs dry.


Building yourself up in the most Holy Faith, praying in the Holy Spirit. Let your mind stay right in the center of God’s love, with open and outstretched arms. If you are still praying with worry, it’s time to turn the page.


With an unwavering belief in the victory in Jesus and the Word of God, come confidently to the throne of God and let your petitions be heard. Never mixing man’s report with God’s word, put on the mind of Jesus Christ. Prayers full of fear and doubt are ineffective, double minded in every way.


Father has already signed His name on what you ask of Him, you are favored by God. Put to death the old habits of limited faith and know who you are in Christ. When you pray in the new man, your prayers lift you up to the throne of God. By not mixing doubt and fear within your mind, you abide in Christ and His word is rooted deep in your heart. You will ask what you desire and it shall be done. Your joy will be full and you will know that there are no limitations with God. It’s who you know that gets you through the door and Jesus has already bought you with a price.


See what God has promised you as done, no doubting, see with your eyes of faith. Like a bird that flies high above the ground, you have been elevated to overcome. Satan has no place in you, snatch the snake with your mouth and cast him down. You are not fenced in, your hands are not tied. You are not subject to a thing that you can’t overcome.


Come up higher beloved, pray from your high place. Know that your answer is yes and amen. Kill every ounce of doubt and worry and let there be no wavering in your mind. Every promise is yours. Ask with faith and not with doubt, be not tossed and driven by the waves.


You are unmovable from your High place, above the circle of the earth. The victory of Jesus is yours, come and claim it now. Next, to Jesus you are seated, let your prayers bring you BOLDLY into the throne of God. You will see miracles happen when you pray because you give no place to fear or doubt. The manifestations to your prayers are coming to pass before your eyes, you are in the Kingdom of God. 



Written by Dannette Lynn



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