The Hero of Love to the Rescue


A prophetic story word for the those who are stuck in their circumstances and are desperate for God to make a way. The character in distress is named “Hope”.



Bent down with bitter pain, the walls of life have hedged Hope in. The pressure of circumstances has become too much to take. God performing a miracle is the only way out. Falling to the knees in prayer, Hope has been crying out,


“Jesus, can you hear me calling your name? Will you be the hero that comes to save the day? I have nowhere else to go, every option has failed. These problems are bigger than myself, I need someone to save me from this tower of cement. Please be the hero that comes to my help. I am anticipating you to come, Hope is my name”.


Standing before Hope’s eyes, she saw the Son of Man, with a gold breastplate on His chest. His eyes danced with a fire-blaze. His feet were furnished with bronze, His voice was full of power. He had the sharpest sword, ready to cut in a battle. His face shined like the hottest sun at noonday, Christ Jesus was the Champion’s name.


He was the fairest of all men, His words poured out grace from His lips. Fragrant oil crowned His head, marking Him as King over all. With His sword strapped on His side, He was a warrior prepared for battle. A triumphant King, riding majestically. His ears were attentive to the one who called out His name. To Hope He would be an ever-present help in the time of trouble.



As Hope listened, this is what He spoke,



“Don’t be worried or afraid, I will help you. You may not see it now,  I am breaking you through. Cement is not as strong, as what I can do. There is a crack in the cement and green grass is already growing through. I am your helper in this battle, I will fight for you.


Your problems are no match for me. I break the bows and bend the spears. I shoot out my arrows into enemy hearts, all of my foes lie down in the dust. With speed, I will capture the horse and its rider. The chariots of opposition will lie down, like a candle that has been snuffed from its fire. As the lover of your soul, I will fight for your honor.  


I am aware of every situation that you face, just in time, I will step in to save the day. I will be your hero, I will come. Rest your worries at my feet, you will be alright. I never sleep or slumber, but I am always guarding your way. My angles have been assigned to you, to keep your feet from falling.


My outstretched arms protect you, under them you are perfectly safe. I am working in ways that you haven’t even seen and cannot comprehend. I walk through the ocean, entering straight through the roaring waves. Yet no one sees where I come from or where I will go.


Don’t let fear take over your heart, but be made perfect in my love. My love would never harm you, in me, you can fully trust. Enjoy my protection and peace by resting. I will save you because you have acknowledged my name.


You shall be hidden from the scourge of tongue and will not be afraid of destruction when it comes. Don’t be afraid when you feel over your head, I will be with you in high waters. The raging sea will not touch you now, I AM the LORD over all. I will build a road just for you through the mighty ocean and make a path through the pounding waves.


I am the One who calms the sea and makes your heart be still. My arms are full of goodness, I will do what I said. Trustworthy and True, I am the Faithful One. Before the rush and roar of the oceans, I am fighting for you. This season is only making you stronger. You will come out courageous in the sea storm and ready to walk on water.


This is a time to trust me as Captain of the Hosts, all the evil that you see happening, I will make into a blessing. The winter warfare that you face will soon turn into the sweetness of a spring day.


Trust me when nothing makes sense, I will direct your steps. Leave your fear behind and rest the worries of your mind. I am your present help, all things will be turned around. Every obstacle that you face will be turned into your favor.


What you believe you give power to. Believe in my goodness and that I am fighting for you. With an overflowing flood, I will drown your enemies and pursue the case of your Justice. My word is medicine on your head, an overhead shelter of protection.


I will be your morning sun and I will be your hero. I AM the fortified place where you can hide from danger. Where I have taken you, I will not leave you alone. I already have a solution to all of your problems. With simple trust, let your heart believe. I am your knight in shining armor.  I will be the hero that you have been hoping for. Your name serves you well, my precious Hope. Be confidently expecting for the GOOD things to come”



Written by Dannette Lynn

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