The Odd Duckling Becomes the Rare Beauty

Not accepted by the crowd, this one was different from them all. Pushed away and misunderstood, the odd duckling was left alone. Appearing awkward on the outside, yet a treasured beauty was hidden within. Starting off as an odd duckling, rejected by those who thought that being different was a flaw.

Yet as the duckling grows, the beauty inside shines ever so bright. Those who once looked mockingly at the duckling will come back and want to walk along. From the odd duckling, this one becomes the rarest beauty of all. The duckling’s hidden beauty is growing, the gift of beauty will soon be fully out.

The duckling is turning into a gorgeous swan. Radiantly emerging as time moves on. The swan can be seen dazzling in the light, intriguingly different by design. This duckling’s beauty gives God praise, this duckling is fearfully and wonderfully made. It was Abba’s plan all along that the beauty of this swan would always stand out.

Heavenly Father has carefully protected this one, from the conception of birth. Gently carrying this duckling in the Shelter of His Wings. When enemies come, He puts them to shame and lets out a victory shout. He trumpets a thundering voice and quivers brightly with His wings. Touch, not His anointed and do His prophets no harm. His eyes are always on His beautiful swan.

Papa says to His duckling,

“Dry your eyes, and rest your head upon My heart. Soon the fullness of your beauty will be coming out. Pay no heed to those who have not embraced who you are. All of your days I have created, that you would know Me and trust Me as your protective Father.

Soon those who pushed you aside will come running to see what you are all about. Your beauty will be fully grown, it will dazzle with My delight. It was the very thing that made you different, that I will use to lift you high.

At first, beauty grows out as seemingly awkward, but as it enters into its fullness, the beauty will bloom like a spring flower. The secret to your beauty is the beauty of Jesus within. Your beauty has no parallel. Let not the fear of man enter into your heart, just let your eyes sparkle and shine, be your beautiful self.

Spread your wings, My swan and let your beauty out. See the reflection of yourself in the mirror of My eyes. Those who called you different didn’t realize that the very thing that made you different was your rare beauty growing inside. Like a lotus flower, your beauty stands apart from the rest. Being different is where your beauty lies, embrace your uniqueness and let it shine. There is no blemish in you. Handcrafted with special care, you are an intricate design.

Forget those who did not accept you, I will turn it all around. Instead of being rejected, you will be a blessing to all. Come out My little duckling, let your uniqueness become bright. Do not hide your beauty anymore but release it from inside. I celebrate who you are and who you are becoming. My beautiful Swan, I love you so. Odd duckling no more, you are My Rare Beauty”.

Written by Dannette Lynn

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