The Tiger Path of Success

The vision will not fail, it will surely come. On the Tiger path, you will chase it down. Even though there has been resistance, what has been against you is coming down. You are being elevated, a change is happening now. On the path that Jesus leads, the vision will manifest. Though it tarries, wait for it, because it will surely come.

You are like a Tiger who will overcome. With the eye of a Tiger, you are focused on the goal and strong. Both eyes are in front, always looking ahead. Walking upon legs of great strength, your power is harnessed within. Your muscular legs being so powerful, even death of the flesh cannot make you fall. Entering the water of the spirit in the pursuit of your prey, you run speedily after your mission from the Lord.

The ivy grows along the bushes that pave the way. Jesus is the one who leads you to the destination that you seek. Jesus is the source, that power that rises in you. He is the center, the focus of your thoughts. The beauty of His name will be seen upon your face. You are being transformed by His love and grace.

You are blessed when you stay on course, walking only on the path revealed by God. Jesus will barricade the roads that seek to lead you astray. Down the path you will see the ancient landmarks that God has left, weapons of His word to keep you from falling to the right or to the left. Jesus will keep you on the trail that He has blazed, follow His footsteps and you will be safe.

Like a Tiger you maintain control over the territory of your mind, with tenacious focus, you rise up for the fight. Let all of your concentration be on the plan that God has made, fulfilling the mission of His heart. Your vision at night is strong, even six times stronger than the average human eyes.

Your powerful teeth that can bite through bones, you devour fully the words that God gives. When you speak them out they start to manifest. Vision is essential for your survival. The mirror behind your retina reflects light to make the image brighter. With your round pupils, the maximum light of Jesus can enter. Determined and focused, you will not allow fear or doubt inside.

You are overcoming the old battle and entering into a new level. Hope that is seen is not hope at all. But what you have been hoping for, will become yours. The grace of God is with you, His angel has gone ahead. Blowing the trumpet to bring life from what was dead. Resurrection power is filling your lungs, as you walk on this path, the spirit of life is restoring what was lost.

Jesus is the fullness that fills all in all. Set aside all distractions and get ready to run strong. Run fiercely toward your goals and leave the past behind. Like a hungry Tiger, you are determined to achieve what your eyes are fixed on.

You are receiving an upgrade in your hearing from God. What you hear the most is what you will focus on. A Tiger’s most developed sense is what he hears. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. You are walking in God’s rich mercy and the greatness of His love, being strengthened through His Spirit in the inner man. With your mind, you are serving the will of God. Because you have the mind of Christ, your mind is set only on things above.

Procrastination and broken focus no longer have power over you. Write out the vision and get ready to run. Write out the dream and let it be your focus ahead. Vision will make sure that you get the deliberate end results. The cost of concentration means letting go of anything else. Walk with Jesus, on the main path of success.

You have set the Lord before you because He is at your right hand, you will not be moved. He is your Priest, who intercedes for you all along. Jesus will be a wall of protection for you, He is the focus of your delight. He will not call you to something that He has not destined for you to overcome.

Jesus is the center of this path that you walk. Focus on the mission of the dream that He gives. A Tiger’s sight is essential for his survival. When you focus on the vision, the negative things will leave your life. This is your upgrade, this is your hour. No longer will you be stuck, but you are rising up! Endless energy and boundless strength, Jesus gives to those who depend on Him.

With concentration, patience and the element of surprise, you are a predator who the enemy will despise. Like a Tiger, you release mental distractions and become more aware. A Tiger has a strong memory, less forgetful than a human mind. Self-controlled and focussed, you run the race of faith to receive the victory crown. You step into the vision from God and believe that what He has promised is already yours.

See the vision, as it rises to life. Focus with excitement on what is ahead. You will receive the substance of your Faith. With the focus of a Tiger, your vision will not delay. Run like a Tiger, with the vision in your hand and let nothing stand in the way. Jesus has gone before you, the path has been laid. All things are possible with God, to the one who lives by FAITH.

Written by Dannette Lynn

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