My Generosity Will Be Your Praise

A letter from Jesus to His Bride. 


“My peace will surround you, like a clear wall of protection. As you look up to see the rain coming down from above, the stormy waters will hit the forcefield, but you will stay protected in my love. Like looking out a window, you will see what is happening in the sky. Only nothing will be able to touch you because I am giving you peace on all sides. My peace will be the power that guards the purity of your heart. I have heard your weeping and I have collected the multitude of your tears. Instead of warfare, I will soothe you with the songs from my heart. 


 I will always be before anything that comes near your life. There will be nothing that ever escapes my sight. Trust the path that I lead your feet, my eye is on the sparrow, I am watching over you. 


I am asking you to come out deeper into trusting me. Looking not at the past things that you remember or the logic of what you see. The is a new road that I am taking you through. I will do things that will amaze you, so wonderful that you couldn’t even believe now if you tried.


I have already redeemed you from your past mistakes. Go deeper into trust, believe what I say. Let your choices not be made according to what happened in the past when you tried. Seek me in all of your ways,  I have made the path straight. I will be your refuge in times of trouble. Sink into my everlasting arms and you will be safe. Before your thought is even formed, I know it all together. I know when you have decided to trust me with your life. 


As you paddle into the deeper places of abiding faith, I will turn the lake of your prayers into a place of praise. Not only will I answer your prayer, but I will fulfill many desires of your heart.


To trust me before your own understanding is to seek me first. From the place of complete trust, all my generous gifts will be added. Trust is the key that opens the door to my abundant wealth. In the intimacy between two lovers, true love requires trust. There is no fear in love. Believe that I have your best interest in my heart. I am faithful and good. 


The fruit of your faith has become ripe, it is falling off the trees. You have come to a new place, that your eyes have never seen. Forget every remembrance of your past experience and look to me instead. Oh my beautiful bride, adorn yourself with trust and lean into my love.


I know that your journey has been painfully hard. But look, I am doing something new today. Like an Almug tree that is used to carve a harp. You are being transformed into an instrument of PRAISE. The wood of the tree is notably black in the beginning, but as it is polished it becomes a brilliant shade of garnet. Your praise will no longer be about what I will do, instead, your praise will be your testimony of your dreams coming true. I have already spoken “let there be”, now come out upon the deep water of trust and step into my light. 


I am doing something remarkable from your heart of trust. You will have an encounter with my generous love. My gifts are falling down from Heaven, I will answer many prayers all at once. From the tombs of death in your life, I am resurrecting my LOVE. 


My bride, I have seen your heart and I know the sincerity of your love. Trust me to lead you into my abundant supply from my Kingdom within. Step out my beloved, into the fall of total trust. I will always catch you, like a heroic act of love. What I desire is a sacrifice of your trust. Forget the disappointments of your former days. Today I am turning a new page on the story of your life. This new chapter is titled, My Generosity Will Be Your PRAISE”.




Written by Dannette Lynn


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