The Biggest Turnaround Yet

Looking at all the losses, dreams that were shattered and promises taken away. It’s like a wasteland of dead bones. Hope had met its death bed and utterly passed away. As you stand in the midst of the valley, you wonder, “why had God brought you here? Why did He let these losses into your life?”.  They appeared to be beyond recovery. Dead and gone, there was no way to take them back again. 


In this valley, there is sorrow. The valley is the place that the mountains erode. A place of steady destruction, the valley is very low. Here in this place, you wonder, “What now Lord, what can I do? I am not big enough to make a way on my own”. All you can see in this valley are the failures of faith and the hopes that have dissolved.


From the place of the dry bones, you hear the sounds of your Father God’s voice. This is what He says:


“Speak to those things that you long for because I am filling them with life. Come, the four winds and breathe upon these dry bones, that they may live again. This will be the biggest turnaround yet!


I will turn it all around, you won’t believe your eyes, I am the God of your Salvation and the One who loves to surprise. From this valley, you will be exalted up. Let the humble glory in His rise from me. And let the rich in his humiliation. It is a time of promotion and a time to take down. I change the times and the seasons. I remove kings and I raise others up.


I reveal the deep and secret things. I know what is in the darkness and light is always in my hand. I will fill you with wisdom and might and place you in the presence of the those who are seated in a high place of influence. You are being promoted into new heights and I will give you many gifts.


Let faith fill your mouth again. Speak to those bones and I will fill them with my LIFE. 


What you become aware of is what you will release. Be mindful of my Spirit resurrecting dead dreams back to life. You will dance and you will sing. From this valley, I will quickly take you to the top. 


You will get back everything that you lost. I will restore you with twice as much, then you even had before. Upon these bones, I will place sinews and cause the flesh to grow. From the place of stripping away, I will make all things NEW. Trust me, I will cause you to prosper. I will surely make a way. What I have promised is what I will do, command those dry bones to live.


Do not worry, I am for you. Now I will RESTORE you. I will restore your majesty and the losses of your life. Hope deferred no longer, I am filling you with my LIFE. You will rise in exuberance to the one who made a way. Shouting from the mountaintops of my Love that saved the day.


From your ashes, I will shine forth, the Perfection of all Beauty. Before me is a flame of fire and around me a mighty tempest wind. I am gathering my faithful ones, to restore their losses and promote them to the top. Because your heart trusts in me, I will be your help. 


Now you are being lifted above your enemies all around you and I will show you my goodness. Out of the valley of the shadow, you are rising to the mountaintops. Those things that you lost and appear to be dead are filling up with life. What felt like the darkest hour will soon become the sweetest surprise.

Listen, do you hear the rattling? What you thought was lost and gone is coming back to life. Bone upon bone those dry bones are coming into perfect place. Lay down your burdens and stand up with great faith. Speak with your mouth and prophesy to the promises of your life. The best is coming soon, this is going to be the Biggest turnaround yet. Don’t lose faith now, this will be a moment that you will not forget.”.




Written by Dannette Lynn

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