Crossing Over to the Miracle Land


In your heart, there is a light of faith. It glitters and shines, even in the darkest night. You believe that God can make an impossible thing a reality and an expectation of hope come to life. The starlight shines so brightly, like a diamond in the night. Even when your circumstances seem to make capturing this dream unattainable, your heart burns to experience the manifestation of the radical.


Every time that you dared to cross this bridge of miraculous faith before, the winds picked up and pulled you back to your starting point. Winds of doubt and fear crept into your mind. Imaginations of negative outcomes or perhaps temptations to follow the cravings of lust that had led you astray.  


Those winds over the bridge of miracles were only a fog of the evil magician, an illusion set to deceive. What the devil didn’t want you to know is that he can’t even give you what you are unwilling to receive. His only power is in agreement, so his winds of lies and outward circumstances prepared to blow you down. His biggest fear was seeing you step into the power of believing God’s promises and receiving the fulfillment of your faith. 


As you stand to look over to the other side, where your hopes have gone before you. Jesus reaches out to put your hand into His. As you take His hand, you become a little child again, trusting in His word. Like a toddler beginning to walk, Jesus is right there beside you, not willing to let you fall. He is all present, all knowing and all powerful. Your name is engraved on the palm of His hand.


As a child, you no longer worry about the future or whether God will be good. You only trust and know that God sees all and He is always for you. He plans to bless you and prosper you in all that you do, out of the riches of His abundance. There is no limit to what God can do, for He has said that with God ALL things are possible.


As a little child, you are full of joy and wonder, excited to explore. All worry and doubt went away. There was power in growing small. You know that you are fully loved and there is nothing that could ever take that from you. As you walk with Jesus, He helps you to cross over through the doubting winds, into the miracle desires that He has placed into your heart.


Jesus tells you to cast down any thought of fear or unbelief. He also says to look at only the promises in His word and not the obstacles that you see. He instructs you to cast down any thought of temptation. As you resist the winds of the devil, he will flee from you. In this place with Jesus, you find His peace in your mind. Jesus teaches you how to abide in His love, by setting your focus only on the words of life within His word. He helps you to close the door of the enemy through simple obedience, as a living sacrifice to the Lord.


Jesus looks over to you and says,


“If you rest in My word, and do not let your mind be moved in fear or unbelief, you can ask what you desire and I will give it to you. When you let doubt or fear in your mind, the opposing winds will carry you away. Stand firm in My promises. Don’t look to the right or to the left, only keep your eyes on Me.


My word is full of power, it is the fire that breaks the rock apart. I will go before you and make the crooked places straight. The mountains of opposition will fall to My feet. Rest in My word and believe that I will do what you have asked of Me.


It’s time to run in Faith, let nothing stop you. With a total focus on Me, have stillness in your mind. Pull down every stronghold that exalts itself against My promises to you. I have redeemed you with price, yield completely to My Word and My power will transform your life. With man this is impossible, but through Me, you will receive. It’s time to cross over into the fulfillment of your heart’s desire.


Follow the star of your faith. Like a little child, expect to receive your request. You have all My favor, you are the apple of My eye. Anything becomes possible to a child who believes. Become like a little child and let your imagination soar. From the heart of childlike faith, the Kingdom miracles are born ”.


Crossing over was easy when Jesus went before you. All you did was cast down anything that stood against the mission of your miracle. Your mind began to change, as you thought about only the good report. The land of promise started to expand, you could see it being formed. As you yielded to Jesus and kept your eyes upon the substance of your faith, His power started to flow through you, because you were resting in the Lord.


Upholding all things by the power of His Word, you were able to relax in His ability, as Jesus took the highest place in your mind. Jesus led the way and helped you to cross into the promised land. When you stepped into the NEW land, you see it is full of gifts and treasures. The miracles that you hoped for become the new home where you dwell.


Some miracles will come in an instant, even overnight. All because you decided to stand unmovable on the words of Jesus Christ. You trained your mind to think about only what was good and lovely, and immediately cast down the thoughts of negative outcomes. Never willing to receive from the enemy. With complete oneness in your mind, you abide in the Vine and receive the fullness of the Lord. There is never any fear when you Abide in His love.


Congratulations on crossing over into the Miracle Land!



Written by Dannette Lynn