Your Time is a Time of Love

A word for those selected who have been well acquainted with the furnace of suffering. 


The twinkling lights have been hung on the banister. Evening brings a romantic breeze, while the Spanish moss sways in the trees. The air is rich with the splendid aromas of lilies and lavender, while violins play a whimsical theme.

From out of the road of suffering, your old dusty clothes have been replaced with new garments woven with Diamonds. Your hair is no longer damaged with the colors of yesterday’s shame, but your locks are cloaked with honor, that glistens in the lights. You twirl in amazement as you see the promise of beauty from ashes coming to life.


Jesus says to you,


“While it is true that your faith was tested in the burning flames, and uncomfortable heat, you are coming out as gold. Your time is a time of love. I am anointing you with costly oil and adorning you in beauty from head to toe. Come to my banquet of love and eat. This is the ceremony of my miracle love to bring a refreshing rain and a dream encounter with the King. I will redeem you from your past mistakes and restore the losses of your life.

I will set you into safety, like a baby bird that sits securely in a nest. There your promises will be birthed, while I heal and comfort your wounds. Healing away the past of yesterday and the afflictions that you have carried for so long. I will give you strength and lift your weary heart to raise you up again.

Filling you with joy from the tear drops that you have cried, I will pour out blessings in your life. The hard, cold road that you have traveled was to prepare you for this moment. An anointing of joy is filling your vessel, I have been saving the BEST WINE until now. A new road is set before you.

This is a story of the Prince of Peace and His love for you, a love that moves with action. Be at peace in knowing that you have the victory, I will make your dream come true. I will wrap you in the wings of my comforting love as I fly you into the divine fullness of my plan. My name is as oil poured out. Be glad and rejoice in me, my banner over you is LOVE.

My Kingdom is living within you, every promise is yes and amen. The seeds of the future are here now, step into the magnitude of my fullness. I am making all things new, you are no longer a prisoner of the past. Your identity always triumphs any circumstance, you are accepted in me.  I am pledging to you my favor, double doors will open for you.

Sit down and rest under my shadow with great delight. My fruit is sweet for you to taste. I am so proud of how far you have come! Like a bridegroom rejoicing over His bride, see I am rejoicing over you. You name will no longer be one of shame, but you are God’s Delight. I celebrate who you are and I claim you as my bride. I will lift you up to stand on the mountains, those who once cast you out will return again. They will see that I have loved you and upon your forehead, I have engraved my own name.

Do you know how you have caught my eye when you chose your heart to be mine? You fascinate me, as I look into your eyes. I see a soul who longs for me, to come and dine as One. Behold thou art fair, with love filled eyes of belief and wonder.

I am pouring out my JOY into your heart, released from the Vine. My joy will be your strength to carry you in the times to come. The best wine for you, my beloved, that goes down sweetly. My wine causes the lips of those who are sleeping to awaken and speak. This is your awakening hour, where I will pour my spirit into your vessel and awaken you in my love.

You are mine and my desire is for you. I rejoice over the beauty of your heart. Say goodbye to where you’ve been and step into the light of my grace, an impartation of me. Forget the affliction of yesterday and the deepness of the cutting pain. A new journey begins this day. It’s going to be immense and full of me. Every trial that you face, will only cause you more joy and more of my presence imparted into your life.

Step into your inheritance, I Am all that you need. Instead of shame, you will have double honor. You are complete in me. You have been chosen and called out of the darkness and into my marvelous light.

Your heart is a bed of coals and I am turning up the flames. My love will burn and blaze like a ravenous fire, seven times hotter in your heart, you will be ignited with my LOVE. You will travel from the flames of testing, into the enjoyable flames of my love. Your heart will be a torch that will spread my love where ever your feet step. My love for you is shooting up, like a comet blazing through the night. You will burn and burn with my vehement love, as I proudly announce you as Mine“. 



Written by Dannette Lynn

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