Rest in Hope



A love letter from Papa God. 




My child, I have called you “chosen one” because you have been chosen by Me. I have written a beautiful story for you. It is full of flowers that bloom in a garden of promises, a life full of beauty and sunnier days.


Like a tapestry of many colors, I have written My story upon your heart. It is a place where a childlike imagination meets the touch of a creator’s hand. My plans for you are better than your own.


No matter how it looks, trust Me to come through. For surely the flowers and sweet fruit will emerge out of the dirt. This is a story of My intentional love.


Hope is your life preserver to keep you afloat. Surely hope will not disappoint you, as My love baptizes your heart. I am on the throne and My eyes are always on you. Before you were born, I saw your substance being yet unformed. There is nothing coming at you, that I have not already prepared for.


In My sea, there are many colors and different shades of blue. I will work out every trial of your life to flood you with more of My glory. My plans are always good, even when you cannot see what is on the horizon ahead.



Your world is not falling apart, it is falling perfectly into the alignment of your destiny. I am the God of seeing, your path is always before Me. Trust Me, there is power in letting go. Hope in Me, chosen one, for you will praise Me when you see what I have done. 


Jump into the big waves and trust Me with your heart. Learn to rest in the strong currents of life and I will rescue you. From this place, I will take you and raise you into My great glory.


I have prepared a place for you, in the story of your life. My promises as a fragrant bouquet, you will soon forget all the pain. Hope is rising up from the ashes. My love will wash away all grief. In the story of your life, I have a plan of abundance. Find refuge in hope and let your heart be anchored in Me. 


All sorrow will be forgotten, I will wipe the tears from your eyes. You will laugh again as you see where I take you, you will be thankful for all that you have traveled. I will repay you two blessings for each of your troubles.


The substance of your faith will become your hope fulfilled. In the troubled waters, let the lifebuoy of hope carry you through. 


Relax, rest and trust, your times are always in My hands. You are precious to Me and I love you, chosen one. Rest in what you hope for because I will not let you down. 





Written by Dannette Lynn