Rising into High Places

You are going up to high places, it’s a time to ascend. Think like a child and always trust where Jesus calls. He will take you to the place of your promised destiny. Refusing all fear, know that you are wrapped in His love. You are called and chosen, covered in the depths of God’s grace. Like a deer panting for water, you will be filled by the high streams that flow from the above. He makes your feet like the feet of a deer and sets you in a high place. Be positive and confident as you are lifted up.
In the high place, you will see clearly all around. New revelation and perceptions will be found. Even at night, you are empowered to see. With advanced light reflecting cells, your eyes shine the light of Jesus, the King. You are anointed to walk in the place which God has called you to. The smells and sounds that are carried in the air will alert you of imposing danger. Your time in the valley was preparing for your rise. Your ears can detect the softest sounds of your Father’s voice. The promises of God are always in your mouth.
You have been made a well-trained warrior through your adversity. Moving with elegance, you have been created for beauty. Your front legs help you to turn and your back legs are powerful to jump and to leap. Even in the high places, you abide in the shelter of the Most High. He covers you with His feathers, under His wings you take refuge. You reduce your exposure to danger, only leaving your cover briefly, to declare what He has spoken.
The mountain tops are full of risks and sometimes hardships too. When you reach the top, you will trade in your faith to receive the desires of your heart. Your strength comes from Christ within, you are carried by the power from above. As you rise up into great heights, just rest and enjoy the ride.
You find your peace in leaning on the promises of God. Your life song has prepared you to be adaptable in any weather. As you reach the top of the mountain, a transformation comes. The beauty of Jesus is revealed and manifested to you. It is the place where miracles come true.
The voice of your beloved is carried upon the wind, Jesus, the Good Shepherd says,
“I will lift you up, in the presence of your enemies. Come away with me, to My banquet of love. The winter of affliction has passed away. The rain is over and gone. The wildflowers appear on the earth, the time of singing has come. The evening primrose, wild iris and shooting star all put forth their fragrance and display the radiant colors of their creator. Their perfume fills the air and the angels sing. Let yourself be happy, true love is happening!
Let us go up to the high place of My love. Let us fulfill the dream in your heart. Oh my dove, in the mountain tops, I will hide you in the clefts of the rock. There are no obstacles that My love cannot overcome. Let Me see your face and be captivated by the words that you speak.
We will leap from rock to rock with grace and agility. I will teach you how to enter into a deeper trust in Me. In the high places, you will encounter My goodness. My love will embrace you and wash the fears out of your heart. There will be no more fear of heights, because, in the high places, all fear is cast out.
My name is like ointment poured forth, to heal away all pain. We will watch My promises bloom, like wildflowers that blanket the mountains of My love. So many flowers will cover the ground. You are being lifted up in My favor, as ashes are poured into beauty. Like little birds attracted to a song, others will come to feed on your testimony.
You are a garden enclosed, a fountain that has been sealed. From your heart, waters of My love spill over. A refreshing waterfall that dances upon the rocks. This is the anointing of high places. You will be known as one who has found peace. A fire of loves vehement flame, I have placed My love on you, as a seal upon My heart. With everlasting kindness, I draw you to Me and pour My spirit out.
You are supported by My hand, there is great power revealed in your trust and surrender. With the high places, comes steeper obedience, an expression of your love. Rest in Me, I am always by your side. Adventure is calling you, don’t resist the rise. This will be the greatest time of your life.

Everything that I have said, I will also do. He who has called you is also faithful to fulfill the word in your heart. I am calling you up. Arise, My beloved, My beautiful one and come away with Me. All of your trials have been preparing you for this moment of your life.
Leaping along the hills, I come to lift you up. We will go up to the high mountain of My love. My eyes dance with excitement when I look at you. The promise that you have hoped for is about to come true! Are you ready to rise and trust Me up to the top?
As we rise up, let peace fill your heart. Behold you are beautiful My love! From the valley of sadness, you will rise into the dream of your heart. My left-hand is under your head, My right-hand embraces you. My banner over you is love, fear no longer has any power. I make your feet like the feet of a deer to set you on a high place”.

Written by Dannette Lynn
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