Stepping into the Hidden Dream

This is a prophetic word story for those who are traveling from dream to promise. 


“Traveling ahead of her, the Lord went. From His mouth, He spoke a word. His word went deep into her womb and started to grow, it took residence in her heart. In the night the DNA from that word went deep into her dreams. From her affliction, her soul found rest, as she believed. For she trusted Him who spoke the word and she knew that His word would never lie.


As the rain came down from heaven to water the earth and make it grow, so was His word growing within her. In time the word would be too big to hold inside. It would burst through, like a dream coming to life. 


For now, it was a place, where she labored in hope. In her dreams, she found freedom from the pain and comfort for her heart. Her dream was like a far away land, full of wonder and surprise. When she rested in her promise, she was resting in the Lord. He Carried her away from her struggles, like a lullaby it seemed. The promise gave her peace to rest and joy to find her strength. It wasn’t a matter of ‘if’ the word would ever come to pass, rather it was about when. The hardest suffering that she had, was in the waiting, a long-suffering of not knowing how long it would take.


Life went into a swirling mess as she continued to wait. What she saw happening in her life was the opposite of her promised outcome. The Alpha and Omega had spoken, He was the beginning and the end. Her end result was promised, it would emerge like a golden sunbeam in the sky. Did the middle even matter anyway? No, she kept her focus on what was said. 


In the waiting, she found Him, the lover of her soul. Jesus was there in the forest of hiding, of where she had run from the pain. If she had not suffered so deeply, perhaps she would have never known the majesty of the King. Her heart mimicked the song that she listened to. Because she believed, her desires would not be denied.


The battle in the waiting was strong in her mind. She had to fight against the lies that were raging inside. She knew it was best to think only of good things, she had to believe that God’s plans were only for good. His goodness was what filled her hopes. In her hopes she found refuge. The Lord was teaching her to battle, He prepared her for the promised land. He taught her to always kill the negative thought and bring the good things to mind.


In the wilderness, there was famine, yet she did not wonder if the Lord would keep His word. An inheritance of promise would surely come to her. What she had lost would soon be restored. Jesus was the deliverance of the curse and she was always safe in Him. The enemy had no power over her, she knew that the fears that came against her were only a lie. Like a puff of smoke, they would all disappear.


Her hope would not disappoint her, no she would not be disgraced. What she believed about God was the most important thing of her life. In the warfare, her head was under water. Yet because she rested in the goodness of God, she was breathing just fine.


The evil enemy attempted to drown her with worry, panic, and dread. What that pitiful enemy didn’t understand was that her power was in her place of rest. In the overflowing waters, her enemy was drowned instead. Even in the high heat, she was like a tree beside streams of water, because she meditated on the Word that God placed in her heart. His word was a lamp to her feet and a light to her path.


When afflictions came raging against her, she flew up into her dreams and she remembered the good things that God had promised. In her dreams, she lost her heart ache. Her dreams were her treasures to forever keep. Like a love song to hold her until the morning light breaks.


Even when the wicked charged against her, she had peace in her heart. For she knew that her enemy would become snared by the work of his own hand. He would be caught in the plots that he had devised. The east wind would soon carry him away, there would be justice from the lies. Her dreams left her worries behind her. Every problem melted like ice on a hot day. There was a hidden power in her dreams that brought the power of life.


It was in HOPE, the anchor that kept her in the vine. She found rest for her soul, as she waited upon the Lord. The words of the Lord are pure, like silver that has been tried. The God of all hope has filled her with the joy and peace of believing. This was her hidden power, her dreams were coming to life. Faith is the substance of that which she hoped for, God’s word would never lie. Like a leaf fluttering in the wind, a transition was not as easy as it seemed.


Waiting was a time of learning to rest, an intimate delight. As for God, His way is perfect. He is a shield to those who trust in Him. His gentleness was making her Great, her destiny was high. Afflictions were only temporary, and now they were fading away. She had become an epic beauty in the waiting, as she found refuge with the King.


Even when tragedy and abuse lashed against her, she held the promise in her heart. 


Whirlwinds of destruction were whipping around her, so she called on the name of the Lord. Stepping in at the final moment, He came swiftly in the night. He crept secretly through the back door and smashed down the enemy plans. What seemed like it would take a lifetime, suddenly was changed in the blink of an eye. In a moment, Jesus reversed everything and restored her life to match the beauty of her dreams. A love story was manifesting, a hope that would never lie. Like a bolt out of the blue, Jesus came and pulled her through. Through the deepest waters, Jesus was still the Lord. 


From wreckage to beauty, wildflowers were covering the land that was once a zone of adversity. The snow of warfare was ending, new songs were finally heard. The Lord has comforted His afflicted, He has remembered His word. Righteousness budded and blossomed. Every pain that she had ever walked through was absorbed by her Savior’s healing love. No longer in the agony of waiting, she was now in a place of recovery. Sorrow and pain faded to memory and joy became her new theme. The hidden promise came to light. The Lord was singing over her, rejoicing with a happy tune. Because nothing was stronger than His love. It was never failing and His word would never lie. What she believed was what she got, when Jesus brought her hope into a tangible reality. It was like a dream, only better, as the promise came into her life. Love came down and rescued her and she lived happily ever after”. 



Written by Dannette Lynn

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