Trust in Me

My Child,

You are standing at the beginning of the fulfillment of what I have promised you. Because you have surrendered all control to me and set your heart to trust me, I will show myself strong for you in JUSTICE and in POWER. Because my word has already been spoken, you can rest with me to watch it bloom. It is time for your harvest. It is time for you to see the fireworks display of my love for you fill the night sky.

I AM your peace in the storm and I am the true vine. Cling to me with all your hope. When your enemies come after you with a threatening force, my breath will blow on their plans and like the withered flower, they will fade away. My breath is in the whirlwind to carry them away. Nothing can ever stop what I have spoken to you.

I have answered your cries and I have delivered you from the curse of darkness and I have set you onto my high hill. I have marked you with the flower of my LOVE. For all that you have suffered, I come to you with double COMFORT, to bring an end to your warfare. The crooked places of deceit will be made straight and where you have faced difficulties, I will make smooth.

My Glory will be revealed to you, as I bring my promise to pass. Like a rainbow in the sky, it will be visible to all, to know that I have helped you. I have held your hand and I will lead you and your little ones to safety. I will provide food and provision for you because you have turned your heart to me with love. I will never forget this promise to you, it is forever engraved in my mind. You will not go without, but I will supply to you all that you need and I will fill you with plenty.

Now, my Light arises in the darkness. To destroy the works of wickedness and to tear down the proud and lofty house. The desires of the wicked will suddenly fall to nothing. The sin of evil has fully matured to bring death to everything that was not planted by me. For as I have planned, so it shall be. Before the harvest of wickedness is fully ripe, I will cut it down.

I will lift you out of the heap of ashes and the dust of shame. My light is as the light of the sun, that scorches the grass. I will burn up your adversaries and foes.


And the splendor of my light will shine all around you in my FAVOR for you. Do not fear the threats of the enemy, but confidently lean on me to establish your victory. I have told you to trust in me, so let your heart be confident to know that I will not disappoint you.


You are coming to the door of my promise, where I have said that I would reveal myself to those who seek me with all of their heart. Your permission has been approved to enter into my goodness. The burden of your shoulders is being taken away, and I have raised the flag of FREEDOM over your head. The shame that has been sown against you, will spring up as DOUBLE HONOR for you.

I want you to know my intentional LOVE for you. That is the purpose for all you have endured, that you will see me and know me as your personal SAVIOR who loves you.



Written by Dannette Lynn

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