Birthing Double, the Crowning


Such a long labor through pain, sweat and tears. A journey of travail and a desperate fight of faith. Often times you wondered, why does it have to be such a hard and broken road? Out of the deepest afflictions will come the richest beauty to behold. The reason that it hurts is because you are birthing double.


This double pregnancy started with a seed, a word spoken by the Lord. It took root and grew, mixed with faith, the word has been prospered to come forth. Growing larger and larger, it feels like the pain has been stronger than ever. Looking at the road ahead, it appears like you have so far left to travel. 


This seed was planted in the spirit, to be transferred into the natural. When the seed is ready to be fulfilled, it dissolves into a liquid. When this happens, it looks like it will never happen. The seed of promise has not died, only it has been transformed. Even though what you see happening looks the opposite of your promises, the invisible seed is more present than ever before. It will spring forth, even sooner than it appears. First the stalk and then the head, then the fullness of its measure. 


This time when the seed disappears is your time to depend on the soil of the Lord. It is at the gate, ready to be performed. Now your babies are crowning, this is the stretching of your faith. Against all hope, believe, despite what your natural eyes may see. 


Push, Press and Rest as you let these babies through. Push with your decrees, resisting against unbelief, speaking out His promise. Calling them by name, you are speaking to your babies. Press with your faith to believe, more than you ever have before. Going back to the beginning, when the Lord first spoke to you. Rest in His Word of promise, your dream is coming true. It is supposed to look impossible, that is the miracle of your faith. Jesus will turn it all around, in the duality of good versus evil. Love will save the day, God will not let you down.


A visitation from Jesus is coming as the babies heads pass through. His glory will fill your temple and deliver you from all evil. A liquid flood will come, as He pours His spirit out. Upholding all things by the word of His power, God is giving you double. The Lord will be your portion, your inheritance is from Him. 


A new beginning will come and an instant relief from the pain. The Lord will open rivers in high places, and cause water to flow upward, as only He can do. Blessings will spring up, like willows by the water. The King has commanded victory for you, He is your Redeemer, the love filled warrior.


Wisdom is good with an inheritance and profitable to those who see the sun, just beyond the breaking, the light is shining through. You are the Lord’s anointed, whom He has taken by the hand. He is opening the gates to this supernatural birth. He will give you treasures of obscurity and secret riches from His hand. He calls you by your name to see what He will do. Walking in the light of His countenance, you have been appointed for the extravagant favor. 


Push and decree what the Lord has promised you, these babies are crowning. Your life is going quickly back in time, as God restores your losses. Heavenly visitations will come as the Lord fulfills His promise. Press your faith to believe, regardless of what you see. I know it has been hard, the road full of long-suffering. Yet in a sudden moment, all pain will be ending. You are coming into the Joy of seeing the promised babies. You will hold them in your arms and gaze upon their faces. It will be like a dream, only better than you can imagine. Don’t let go now, the longest part is finished. Keep pressing in, past all of the pain. You are one day closer to your promise. Hope is filling you now, as a gift to ease the suffering. Push, push, push….the babies heads are crowning. 


The reason it has been so hard is because you were pregnant with double. In a moment, it will all end. Suddenly you will see what seemed impossible. Faith is rising up, as you realize that this is the shortest stage of labor. Inhale fresh air of the Holy Spirit and release all tension back to Him. Jesus is reminding you of the past things He has said, as a revelatory encounter. 


A surprising turnaround is happening. Like a mother’s day gift of a desire fulfilled and a dream come true. The more impossible it looks, the closer it is to happen. Don’t be surprised by the illusions that you see, that say the labor is long from ending. At this stage of labor, the baby can be born at any minute. Looking not at what you see, but at what the Lord has said. Rest in His promise, no matter what is happening. The babies are crowning, as your faith is stretching. On the other side, you will awaken to see, that what you believed, is what the Lord has done. No matter how impossible it looks, believe like you have already received it. The bigger that the dream is, the bigger will be the baby. You will see the glory of the Lord through the birth of these babies. The longest part is over, they are almost out. Push with your words, press with your faith. Rest your head upon the Lord, as He brings forth the babies. A birthing of double, with Joy you will say,  “The Lord has made me laugh. He has made me a mother of double”. 



Written by Dannette Lynn

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