Broken Hallelujah the Secret Chord


Tossed in the ocean, cast out and shattered. Like sea glass, as one who was discarded. It has been a long season of suffering, in the beauty of refining. The affliction of the moon, so brightly shining. Yet through the affliction, there has been deep healing. 


The time of the moon has been one of long-suffering, going through the eight phases, you have been remade again. The moon pulled the tides higher, you felt them crashing over you.


What seemed to be a never-ending night, will soon see the light breaking through. Like the Arabic name of the moon, Ya Amar, meaning “my most beautiful”. Your tears are being turned into beauty through the affliction that you have suffered through.
A dream in your heart, you have carried and there was a promise too. A simple promise of words and yet in your heart, you have known there was so much more that God would give to you. All through the night, you have held on to your hope, as you wrestled with the Lord. Crying out you have said, “I will not let go, without my blessing”.
Tenderly, the Lord touched your hip and brought you through the humbling. Leaning upon Him, in complete dependence was the place of your strength in the waiting. His grace was power in your weakness, in your time of changing. All through the night, as darkness held its grip, you held onto Jesus and danced through the song that your heart was playing.


Guiding you through the waters, He took the lead, He held out His hand to you. Always protecting you, He says that He has a plan for you. When the pain becomes too much to handle, He spins you around with more visions of seeing the Hope that He has for you. Dreams and visions were like the painkillers in the night.


There is a secret chord that your heart has sung, it has pleased the Lord, each time that He hears it. Even amidst the deepest pain, you have hoped in His goodness and believed in His saving mercy. Your lamentation was beautiful to Him. In your broken Hallelujah, you have known that your heart would go on, even in the sinking of the night’s ship. 


The fourth, then the fifth, a minor fall, a major lift. You are being lifted up and you will rise again. Soaring through the heights, bound to Jesus, forever you are attached to Him. He is your Salvation and the dawning of your Light. Through your anguish, you cry, “Don’t gloat over me, O my enemy, though I fall, I will rise again”


When the wicked come against you, they will surely fall. For in the day of trouble, God will hide you in the secret place of His. He is setting you high up on the rock, above your enemies all around you. 


In the secret promise of your dreams, you have expected this. So you offer a sacrifice of Joy. From the sadness of your heart, you sing a Broken Hallelujah to Him. Even in the deepest pain, you have held onto HOPE. For you knew that you would see the Goodness of the Lord again.


Your light is rising up, it is the dawn of a NEW day. Even now it shines on you. Not only will you receive the promise of the Lord, but He will also perform the secret desires that He has written for you.


Rejoice and be grateful, from your deepest pain, the Lord is bringing beauty. Surely Goodness and Mercy shall follow you. God will never disappoint you, though He may bring you in a way that was not expected. The fire of His love is igniting your hopes into manifestation. Like a Hot air balloon, they will be released into a joyful fulfillment. In your long waiting, you knew there was no rushing a promise.


Your prayers have gone ahead of you, to establish your favor. What has caused you to be greatly afraid will fade into a vapor. God is sending His army of double to release His promise to you. In the humbling, you have bowed your face to Him.
In tears and in joy, the bittersweetness of labor, surely the Lord will deliver this baby that He has promised. For you have struggled with God and with man, yet your hope was never faded. Face to face you will see what the Lord has promised, your dreams will manifest before you. God has declared that you will receive victory in your conflict. He will restore you and heal what has been broken. 


Radiating beauty, like sea glass you have been made. In the long process of brokenness and beating up by the waves. Every circumstance of suffering has only made you better. It has prepared you for the destiny that God has chosen for you. Years of healing from being cast out and discarded has formed you into the most beautiful gem. One made in the refining, carefully held in the creator’s hand. In the sorrow of night, God has never left you.


Your promises are rising like the burning sun, Jesus goes up to you, with healing in His wings to restore you. There is no more curse, His name is written upon your head. From your tears and pain, see into the spirit, the truth that is happening. From your lips sing to the Lord and rejoice in Him. A broken Hallelujah of gratitude to the one who has rescued you. Like glass tossed in the sea, you are coming out into Beauty. It is your time to rise again from the broken hallelujah.


Written by Dannette