Fearless with Favor

You are His Beloved child, the apple of God’s eye. There is nothing to ever fear because you are a much-loved child. The hands of Jesus are holding you, look at the scars on His side. You are supported, accepted and valued, you are His favored child. You are honored, successful and beautiful, you are deeply loved by God. Perception of God’s goodness is the greatest force in your life.


Using your prophecy, you challenge every circumstance that affects your life. For you know that the Word of God will never lie. Can you feel your ears popping? God is taking you higher, that is the benefit of being a much-loved child, who is fearless in favor. Change is coming swiftly, to bring His word to pass. In the past man has deemed you as not being worthy. But Father God says, “This one is the one that I have chosen, this one has a heart for Me”. The Lord looks at the heart and not at what man sees.


You are a mighty one of valor, who is strong in war. The Lord is with you, in all that you do. In every single moment, He will prosper you. You are a favored one, so run without fear. Your permission has been granted, there is nothing God will not do for you, His beloved child. Although you have been looked down on by others, through their negative perception, God has placed His seal upon you. He laughs and says “This one I have chosen”.


You are so favored and so loved. It has even brought contention and jealousy through those with hardened hearts. People have not seen you, through the eyes of God. Always be confident, because God walks with you. You are surrounded with favor and filled with promise. To the proud, you may seem prideful because you know that you are fully loved. God will always fight for you, always trust in His promise.


The Lord has given you amazing grace, so have no fear in what you do. You are deeply loved by your Father, who is Sovereign over all. Every battle is the Lords, you will never be defeated. Never will you need to strive, because you are your Daddy’s beloved. You are His anointed and that is your protection. The Holy Spirit remains with you at all times, because you have been marked by His Kingdom, victory is your promise. Others have been intimidated by you, beloved, because God is always with you, as His favored child.


Father will leave you in a place of wonder because the King delights in His beloved child. Even when you think of yourself as small, you are one with humility and purity flowing up in your heart. Your enemies are afraid of you, because of the strong presence of the Lord that is always upon you. Your name will be highly esteemed, to bring honor to the Lord. The more you are attacked, the closer that you become to the promises and dreams given to you by God. No weapon formed against you will ever prosper.


You have been clothed in wisdom and God makes your path straight. Prospering you in all of your ways, the Lord guards your feet. Jesus is your Shepherd, you will not be in want. You have been granted to share in His inheritance. He leads you beside still waters and keeps peace in your heart. Even in the midst of the darkest valley, have no fear of evil, because Jesus is always by your side.


Father is setting you up high, at a table before your enemies. He anoints your head with oil because you are a much-loved child of God. In Christ, your heart has been hidden and your delight is in the Lord. Being loved and accepted by Jesus brings worship to your heart. You are so close to God, even closer than a friend. Simply because you know, who you are to Him. You are a much-loved child, a favored of the Lord. You are always with God, your name was chosen and planted in His garden. You are deeply loved, it is true, you have a heart for God.


You are confident in the Fathers Love, you are not just different, but you are a limited edition of God. Being loved and favored gives you the freedom to sing and dance openly. Knowing your frailty of life, you give honor to the King. Adoration and Thanksgiving are the music that plays, out of the melody of your heart. Running into every battle, you know your victory is granted because you are always with the Lord. There is not one who could ever stand against you in battle because you have been crowned with favor from the Lord.


Beauty isn’t earned, it is given and God has blessed you with double. Your vision and your thoughts come together to establish His word in your heart. Your place of rest is worship to the Father, mercy is the fragrance all around you. There is no lack for you because you fear the Lord. Seeking Him daily, you lack no good thing.


Whenever you cry out, God hears and He delivers you out of all of your troubles. The Lord delights in the prosperity of His servant, He delights in You. All of your heart is open to the Lord. The good with the bad, you have withheld nothing from your King. Trusting always in God’s mercy, kindness, and love. Each day you find rest in the shadow of His wings. There He gives you drink from His river of pleasures. He is the fountain of life for you and in His light you see light. Beautiful things await the favored one of God. Because you delight in Him, He gives you the desires of your heart.


Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord delivers out of them all. Committing your way to the Lord, He will also bring the vision to pass. He will bring forth your righteousness as the light and your justice as the noonday, be still and wait patiently for Him. The Lord will uphold you, and you will not be put to shame. Your steps have all been ordered to always be satisfied. He shall exalt you because you are fearlessly favored by the Almighty.


Even in times of great power, the wicked will spread himself out like a green tree, yet he will pass away, behold he will be no more. The Lord is your strength in times of trouble, your salvation is in Him. He will deliver you from your troubles because you have trusted in His kindness and mercy.


There is nothing that you will ever fear because you are wrapped in favor. It surrounds you like a shield because you are His much-loved child. Be confident in all things to turn for your good. Laughing at what is to come, you have no fear because you are incredibly loved. You are being lifted higher because you are the Beloved child of God.



Written by Dannette Lynn

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