Set Sail for a Miracle

Standing on the shore, looking out to the sea. As you stretch your eyes, you can see the island of promise, where the water meets the horizon. Appearing so far away, to focus on this land, requires the stretching your faith. This journey would change everything.  It would mean leaving behind the safety of comfort and stepping into fearless faith. It will never be possible to reach the land of miracles, from your present place. No miracle will happen from a place of passivity. A dream was meant to be chased.

Only by going deeper in faith, can this miracle exist. There is no room for doubt in the exciting and dangerous waters. At times the winds are high and waves will rock the boat, yet through each moment, you are with the King of Kings. Rest in Him to fight every battle. The wind and waves know His name, this is an encounter of intimate trust. Only those who will believe with strong faith can reach the land of miracle dreams.

Trust in Jesus is the only boat that can reach this new land. His boat comes with sails to be filled with the fullness of His power. His word is like the sheet, the rope that pulls the sails in closer to the boat. Through the faith decreeing of His words, this boat is steered, so you must always speak in the language of His promise and not false evidence appearing to be real.


As the salty air breezes across your face, you can hear one calling from the deep blue sea, “Come and follow me. Leave all logic behind, it’s going to be a wild ride”.


It is Jesus, the miracle maker, standing upon the water. He calls your name and says,


“Let’s set sail for a miracle! Let’s go after the substance of your faith. You can smile at your enemies because I Am your salvation. I am the God of knowledge and by me, all actions are weighed. I raise the poor from the dust and lift the beggar from the ash heap. To set them among princes and make them inherit my throne of glory. I am the everlasting God, the Creator of the ends of the earth. I do not faint or get weary, my understanding is unsearchable.


The word of God will test you, until the day it is fulfilled. At the set time we will reach the land of miracle promise. The test is designed to give you an upgrade. I am with you, through every problem that you face. The valley of trouble will become a door of hope, to enter into your inheritance and the glory of my riches. You will sing as in the days of your youth. He who trusts in me shall possess the land, and shall inherit my Holy mountain. Take the stumbling block of doubt away, to prepare the way.


I revive the spirit of the contrite and create the fruit of the lips. Let your words and thoughts be the rudder, that steers the direction of this ship. I fulfill the words of my messengers and the predictions of my servants. In the rise and pull of the tides, I am in control. Leave all your worries on the shore and come sail away with me. Every mountain and hill will be brought low and the crooked places are made straight.


My Word will stand forever. Lift up your voice with strength the decree the good news that I have promised. I will come with a strong hand when the tempest starts to blow. My arm will rule for me, there is no match for my power. I will gather my lambs into my arms and carry them on my chest. Those who are with young, I will gently show the way to go.


I bring the princes to nothing. Scarcely are they planted and scarcely are they sown. I will breathe upon them and the wind will carry them away. Lift up your eyes and see, who has created all these things. I give power to the weak and to those who have no might, I will increase their strength.


I am the wind in your sails, to take you into your heart’s desires. Increasing and decreasing the tension of the sails, to bring you into your safe harbor. This is the growing of your faith, keep turning through the wind. When the strong waves come, let go and let your sails catch the wind.


The more you seek me, the more you will know me. Seek me first and all things will be added. I am the heavy permanent anchor, the Hope for your soul. Making leeway, move by faith, out of your comfort zone. The sailboat moves a little bit sideways, as well as ahead. Always look to me and stay pointed in the wind.


Every promise that I have given to you also comes with the provision that you need. Step into your inheritance, in these deep and mysterious waters. Come into a different level of trust and a new kind of faith. Be strengthened with all might, according to my glorious power. I am before all things and in Me, all things consist. Lean upon your promises and press in, leave behind any doubt. I will prosper you in the way that you go. Have no fear because I am your provider.


Let your heart overflow with a good theme, your promises are just ahead. Expand your faith and believe, grace is poured out from my lips. I am a God of miracles, are you ready to receive? By leaving the shores of the familiar, you will reach the new land of destiny. I will be your co-signer, you can do all things through me. Remove any thought of impossibility.


As we sail out on the deep blue waters, don’t look back to the land of doubt. Go full force forward into faith, with your mind set upon my miracle power. Wavering makes the boat rock from side to side. The only way to move forward is to believe completely in my word and who I say I AM.


It’s not going to be comfortable, strap in and trust in me. Let me take you deeper, this is the stretching of your faith. We will fill the enlarged space full of manifested promise. My Kingdom being birthed from within, every affliction will come out as GLORY. Out beyond the comfortable waters, we will reach the destination of your dreams. Believe that we are there, in your mind, it’s already been done. Set sail for royalty, your inheritance will be reached.


Those who travel far, know much. Come out of the old and into the new. There are seven seas, but infinite possibilities, I am waiting here for you. I am in you and you are in me, nothing is impossible for you to achieve. It’s not where you look, but what you see. Close your eyes and see the promise in reality.


Until you have traveled by faith alone, you haven’t truly lived. You may return from a trip, but not from a journey. The value of the travel, are the fears that you leave behind. Out beyond the familiar waters, is where my abundance begins. Not all come out to sail on these miracle waters. Those who do will see, the intentionality of my love. Faith grows with my love, but it cannot be realized without a commitment to trust in me.


No matter how far out we go or what lands we discover, I will always be with you, even through any weather. If you take the winds of the morning and dwell in the uttermost parts of the sea, even there I will hold you and lead you to my way. It is a daring faith, to go where most have never traveled. Those who are willing to endure the changing weather, will hold onto their faith and see those things that were revealed in their dreams.


Like the wind, I will lift and move you through the water. Rise up and enlarge your faith, the land of miracles is straight ahead. It will take some practice to get used to speaking and thinking without worry or doubt. This is a journey of a lifetime into the land of miracle power.


Somewhere beyond the sea, we will meet just past the shore. Out beyond all fear and doubt, is a new land to explore. It a place where miracles happen and dreams really do come true. Full of beauty and wonder, I will lead your heart to the place where my Word is established. Come and follow me, to set sail into the dimension of adventurous faith. With the wind in your hair and the fragrance of new waters in the air that you breathe, you will enter into the land of miracles that I have promised. It will be better than a dream, come and set sail with me”.



Written by Dannette Lynn


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