Healing Love is Pouring Out

Through your anguish and suffering, your prayers have been heard. Like a good Father, God has come to heal the pain away. You will be like a tree, whose roots are spread out to into His love waters, His dew lies all night upon your branch. Your glory will be fresh within you, the time of pain ended and newness is renewed. Every mountain will melt into the sea, by the healing of Father’s love.

His peace within you will be like an Oak, whose roots hold the ground still. Your branches will reach up into the sky, to keep an atmosphere of peace. Standing under the Lord’s shadow, with healing in His wings you will feel a peace that ends all suffering.  Out of hurting hearts, Holy Spirit is pouring out. This is the miracle transformation of Christ in you.

This is a time of beauty preparations fit for a queen. Smoothing out the pain by laying the foundation of healing in your heart. Love suffers long, but the suffering can cause pain. Pain is released into anger, if not healed properly.

In the cool and soothing waters of love flowing out, your soul is being filled with oxygen from the goodness of your God. You will inhale again, this is a time to ease the pain. Those burning afflictions will find refreshing, under the healing of God’s Love waters.

Coming out of the intensity of anguish and pain, you are passing into a time of beauty, step into the new season because winter is passing by. You will have a double portion of blessing because the Father has loved you deeply, you are the very echo from the beating of His heart. You have escaped the fire to be brought into the rich fulfillment of His promises to you.

The tall oak of righteousness causes the evil to flee. Mercy is engraved upon every leaf. No longer are you on a sickbed of affliction, you will rest in the cool of Abba’s shade. He is healing away the pain, caused by constant suffering. Love is flooding in, pouring out from your heart.

Spring up O Well, let the Love waters pour out. The bucket is tipping over, the pain is ending now. Trade in your sackcloth for beauty and wipe away your tears. Announcing a new season, Spring has arrived early. The turtle doves are singing songs of wooing to your heart. Instead of sorrow, Laughter will be your new medicine.

Although you were beaten and stricken, even battered and bruised, the affliction is ending, Father’s love is healing you now. Weeping endures for a night, but joy comes in the morning. The gloomy days of pain are moving on, from the Fathers love song to your heart. Your stepping into days of beauty, flowers of promise are blossoming along the way. Grace covers over the trees, like a fragrant bouquet of true love. Night time is ending now, belief in the Day. Your morning song is here, to take the rain away.

After the torrents and the storms, a beaming rainbow presses through. Even though your heart was broken, the sun is shining on you. Instead of mourning, you will see the beauty of your New Day. Put your sackcloth away and step out of the pain. Into the love flood waters, you go, rising up to your knees. I know how bad it has hurt, but those memories will fade away.

The sound of your promised baby crying gives joy for all the pain. Coming into tomorrow, yesterday is passing away. Tomorrow has come early because the Father’s love is here to heal away all pain. He gives you new shoes for dancing and colors your soul with sparkling gladness. From the deepest anguish, you will be submerged into the waters of healing LOVE”.




Written by Dannette Lynn