I Am Painting Beauty in Your Life

“With My paint brush, I have been painting, the story of your life. Mixing colors, I work to turn the shadows into Good. I am always watching, always creating something New. I have painted in the strong green trees and lush grass to provide your every need. Like a Forrest surrounding you, I have hedged you in with My love, healing and Resurrection life.

I will open up rivers in the desolate heights, and fountains in the midst of the valleys. I will make the wilderness a pool of water and on the dry land,  springs of sparkling water. Those who see what I have painted in your life will know that you are Chosen and called to be Blessed. I, the Lord have spoken and I will also perform all of my promises. That onlooker may see and consider and understand together, that the hand of the Lord has created this.

I Am the First and Last, I am He and I have not cast you away. Those who were against you will soon be gone, even when you look for them, they will not be found. Their lies were given as the dust to My sword and driven as stubble to My bow. I have painted you a love story of vindication and reconciliation with those who had once cast you away. Do not fear, I will fight for you, let my peace fill your heart.

There is beauty formed from your suffering, like a Haiku writer, inspired by the rain. Every Judas is part of the plan, he is the stone that will bring you to the higher land. I will help you. I have colored in a window of strength, to help you to stand. Your destiny is safe in my hand. I have prepared a table for you in the presence of your enemies to pour the anointing oil upon your head. Goodness and mercy will always surround you, each day of your life.

Out of My heart, I paint your story. With my brush, I make beauty instead of pain and I give you love, instead of being cast away. With each stroke of my brush, I mix every color, to cause laughter to grow out of the garden of sorrows. There is a purpose behind every raindrop, sadness will turn into the gladness of a new day.

It is I who go before you to establish your destiny. You are the portrait of my heart. I am so proud of you, in you, I am well pleased. I use the water from your tears, to blend the colors and make them smooth. Be strong and be of good courage, do not be afraid. Everything that you need, I have already painted. It is waiting for you, I will show you the way. For the Lord your God is with you where ever you go, you are not alone.

My little one, who has been lashed by storms of affliction and pain. You cry out for comfort and an end to the battle. You thought it was over, as you lifted up your head, to feel the cool fresh breeze on your face. The dark clouds came back again, and you suffered a double dose of pain. ‘No more Father, let it stop’, you prayed, with tears running down your face. You sought me and said, ‘I haven’t got it in me to endure any longer, have mercy on me’.

Through my very own lips, I command Comfort, Comfort from all of your pain. What you have lost will be rebuilt, I have painted beauty for your pain. Instead of sorrow, your joy will be full, laughter will be birthed out of a rocky patch of suffering. The hidden treasures within you will start to manifest, those precious desires of your heart. I will use new colors, fully of shiny wonder.  Out of the shadows, the light will dance with sunlight sparkling on the paper of your New day.

Jesus is rising up, to part the clouds away. Like colorful fireworks, He is bursting with love and has to heal in His wings. All this time of being in anguish, you were digging deep into the ground. From the dirt, the water well will break forth. Your heart will pour out My love, like a flash flood of healing rain. It is the anointing that separates you from your problems and from that which has caused you pain.

A love flood is pouring out, on both soul and body. In a moment of transformation, you won’t believe your eyes. Double pleasure for your pain and the revealing of my BIG surprise! You haven’t seen anything yet my dear, prophecy is only found in part. What I have in store for you, will be more than meets the eyes.

I am a Good, Good Father to you and I am painting beauty with my brush. I will wipe your tears away. Just wait, you will stand by my side. When you see what I have painted, you will fall to your knees in relief and happiness. In this painting of your life, I have created a story just for you. As you see the painting of my intentional Love, you will see what I see, when I look in your eyes.

With a rainbow of colors, I have painted you with promise, the BEST is coming yet. The skies will be blue and the sun will come out again. The dreams that you have dreamed will come true. If you can believe and have faith in my plan for you. Blues, yellows, greens, and reds; your painting isn’t over yet. The storms and brokenness were only the canvas of the radiant hues and castles on rolling hills. You are royalty, draped in purple and gold. My generosity is in your hand. Close your eyes and you will see, the masterpiece that I am painting.  A sapphire diamond you are to me, clear with dazzling beauty, it is time for us to rebuild. Look again to the wonderful dreams that I have placed inside, they are coming to life. Keep digging with faith and believing with your mind. I am the artist behind the paintbrush and I am painting beauty in your life”.

Love your Heavenly Father~




Written by Dannette Lynn