Footsteps with Jesus

A troubled mind full of worry, needing an answer to a desperate prayer. Carefully wondering, why nothing has happened yet. So many prayers going up from all the people in the world, she is one of many. Like an individual piece of sand, on the ocean floor. Pressures have been all around her, the fire of refining is turning this sand into the beauty of glass.


Praying some more, she says,


“Who am I, my Lord, that you are mindful of me? I am only as a piece of sand, in a multitude that seeks your face. Like a small voice in a sea of pain, do you notice, when I call your name? If I have found favor in your sight, then why have you not answered my prayer, Jesus please tell me, are you really acquainted with all of my ways? Who am I, please tell me, show me the way. Let me behold the wonder, of this miracle today”.


Like a pair of footprints on the beach, Jesus walks by her side. With tenderness in His eyes, Jesus softly speaks,


“Mary didn’t worry when she was going to have a baby. What was spoken to her, is what she believed and there was a fulfillment of that word. When you pray, you must believe and have no negative thought. He who has doubt is like a wave tossed in the ocean, he is a double-minded man and should not expect to receive.


All along the path, I have given you signs, to trust and believe that I will give you the petitions of your mouth and fulfill the desires of your heart. Even in the fire, I am with you as the fourth man. Healing is happening in your heart. I am setting you free from worry, by causing you to know My intimate and personal love. Glass with cracks cannot handle the tensions of life, they will easily break and explode into fine dust. Through the testing of your faith, I am teaching you to trust, to bring you into the place of being transparent to radiate my light.


Rejoice, Highly Favored One! The Lord is with you. My desire is for you to know Me more, I long to be your friend. You will conceive My Word and bring forth My promise. An impossible situation made possible, a miracle from God. Blessed are you when you believe, that what I have spoken is already done. There will be a manifestation of those things, that I have already said.


I am the One who does the impossible, here to silence all of your fears. From your lowliness, I will lift you up into new depths of encountering My love. I will be your sponsor and the endless supplier of all your needs. It is time to make war on every negative thought of unbelief. Think only positive, imagine only the good. All things are possible with God, it is time to step past every doubt, it is time to completely believe. Let your yes be yes and your no is no. Are you ready to believe? Partner with your vision and see the fulfillment of My Word.


Consider the heavens, the work of My fingers. The moon and the stars that I have ordained. Surely there is a place for silver and a place where the gold is refined. I cut out the channels of the rock, My eyes see every precious thing. I know all of your hopes, those things yet to come. I have seen the secret desires of your heart. I know your every sadness and every longing to be loved. I stretch out My hand, to hold the aching in your heart. Inside each teardrop, I know the details of where it came from.


Even those secrets that you don’t dare to speak, I know them altogether. I am the King of all days, and I am acquainted with all of your ways. Every single moment of your life is before My face.  I know you better than you know yourself. My thoughts are not your thoughts. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so My ways are above your ways. How precious are your thoughts to me, how vast the sum of them? Like the sands of the seashore, you can not number them. I can recognize your voice, out of the sea of pain. Crying out, I hear you, like a newborn crying to his mother. I wrote a love story just for you, I desire for you to know My heart too. Like a man of sorrows, I am acquainted with all of your grief. There is no place in your days, that we won’t walk together.


As a single grain of sand, along the ocean floor, I take notice and delight in all of your ways. Over and over, I sing over you a love song from My heart. From before you were even born, until all eternity, we will always be together. My waves of affection will always wash over you, I will banish all worry from your weary heart. I am a never-ending the sea of endless love, washing over every anxiety to give you peace instead.


In the darkness of the night, I hold you until the morning light. When you call my name, I come running to you, to lift you up again. You see my beloved, I surround you with my love. Like the air that you breathe, I am aware of all of your needs. When you pray, believe that you have already received. It is time to end the thoughts of worry and negative doubt. In faith, there is no backup plan. My promises are Yes and Amen. You will see the fulfillment of your miracle if you will Believe and do not doubt.


Look up to set your mind on things above. Look not at your situation, but look at Me. Nothing is impossible with God, it’s time to stretch your faith, it is time to believe. Rejoice, Highly Favored One. Most Blessed are you among all others because you have believed, there will be a FULFILLMENT of what I have spoken to you!”.



Written by Dannette Lynn