Have Confidence in Who I AM

Like water filling in my lungs, the desperation of my needs were piling up. Tears were filling my heart, out of my eyes they were close an overflow. The Lord had brought me into the deep waters of faith, a place where I had never been before. Like a trustful child, I stepped in, putting my life in His hands and trusting in His Word. There was nothing left to hold onto, in these deep waters. Everything in my life depended on this moment, a miracle was my only hope.


What God had promised was lingering by a thread, events were threatening to take it all away. The destruction of this loss was more than I could hold, my dreams were in a place of fading away. In these deep faith waters, I had journeyed into the fiery testing of my faith. On the altar, I had been a burnt offering, my faith was being tested by the heat of the flame.  To bring forth the treasures of gold, out of this earthen vessel of clay. Only this time, my faith was being tested on who I believed God to be for me. My life depended on His character to be generous, good and full of love. I depended on His kindness and His power to supply. Only a miracle could help me now.


There was no logical way for me to get to my destination, I had reached a dead-end. For the first time ever, the only way that I could move forward was on the arm of my Heavenly Father being revealed. I had to believe that He was truly mindful of me, that He did not lead me into the deep to watch me drown. As my deadline was quickly approaching, emotions became a storm around me. Trying to resist a negative outcome, I leaned heavily upon my anchor of hope. The waves of the possible negative outcome kept crashing against my heart. The pressure was becoming more than I could handle and finally, I hit my knees. Tears poured out of my eyes, like waterfalls, they ran down my cheeks. I could no longer stand the pressure, my heart was broken, in this place of finding the end of me. There was nothing I could do to help myself, my only hope was to the Lord to help in my time of need.


“Give it to me”, I heard Him say. I listened as I sat there in agony, as He continued to speak,


“Let it go, surrender all to Me. Let it be an offering of faith from a willing heart to believe. Take a deep breath and let it all go, even if it means, losing this promise that you have received. I am Love and there is no fear in Me. No one knows you better than Me, can you trust in My plan? 


By this your faith is confirmed, to know that I am Good. I will help you, My plans are better than your own. What I have planned for you will be bigger than you can believe. Rest in My love as your Father, come lay your burden down. The flames will not touch you, I will teach you to sleep in every storm. You will learn how to rest in the deep. 


I will provide for you, My love will always remain. I am a shield to those who trust in Me, I will not disappoint you and you will not be put to shame. Let yourself yield to My plans, like a windmill, let Me blow through you. It is easy, as you lay yourself down and rest in my plan.


Now I know that you fear Me because you have given Me your heart. Trusting was the purpose of My plan. I will not lead you, where I have not provided first, I have planted blessings along the way. Lift your eyes and look up, even at the last minute,  and you will see how I move. I will not forsake you. I am teaching you to know Me, to put your faith in My character and intentional love. The most important thing in your life is who you believe that I AM. 


Follow Me, in complete surrender. Change is coming, suddenly, I will turn things around. 


I am never failing, put your faith in Me. Give Me every worry, lay down and say ‘Thy will be done”. The testing of your faith is the testing of who you believe Me to be.  I Am what you have been seeking all along, let your confidence be in Me.


The test is to know who I am in your heart.  Be still and rest in my goodness. Lay down and rest in My love.  No matter which way the wind blows, I will work it out for your good. My provision will be better than you expected, in My favor I have vowed to you. 


My wind blows through your heart,

Testing My Word,

Like heat in the furnace,

My Promise will come out as Gold.


You are not alone,

Carry no more burdens,

But come and rest,

In who I AM.


The water currents are in My hand,

I speak to the streams and show them where to go.

As the seasons change,

The wind blows,

The leaves know where to fall.

Nothing escapes my knowledge,

I Am the God who sees all.


I will bring the expectation of your hope,

Surrender all that you have to me.

I will not let you down,

My plans are better than your own,

Have confidence in My unfailing love,

Have confidence in who I AM”.




Written by Dannette Lynn