Trust the Tide


A word from Jesus about trust. 


“Fears are a wall, keeping My love from flooding in. There are no limits to My love for you. I have always loved you and I always will. Where fear is present, love is absent, press through the fears to let My love come rushing in. The only way around is through.


The more you move, kick and squirm, the more labored you will breathe and the more air you will use. It’s time to learn to breathe underwater. Relax your body to find My perfect peace. I am the Lifesaver, when you start to drown, just call My name and I will be found.


Let yourself rest in hope of My good plans to you. When you are afraid of failing, then come and jump in and trust Me to be there for you. Know that if you turn the wrong way, I will open a door to make all things good for you. When you are afraid of losing a loved one or a child, surrender them to Me. I am faithful to take care of all you entrust in My arms.


I keep your coming and going, from this time and forevermore. The closer you lean into Me, the smaller everything else will be. I will never sleep or slumber and I will not forget to help you. I am your Shield to surround you with My favor. 


Fear is not of you and it is time for it to leave. Release to Me every worry, those burdens are making you sink. You are a fearless warrior, a mighty conduit of My love. Exhale continually, giving those worries to Me. This empties your lungs to receive new air to breathe again.


Overcoming fear can be a completely new and unfamiliar place, but it is through active faith that you will know that you can trust Me in everything. The more you jump in, the more comfortable you will become. Before you know it, all fear will be gone. 


As you learn to carry My peace in your lungs, the deeper you will go in encountering My presence. As you let go of all striving, you will begin to float up. The more you try to fight, the deeper you will sink. Rest in Me to turn you and take you where I plan for you to go. Surrender all to Me in perfect trust. Believe that My plan is better than your own.


As you float, letting go of all control, you will find the freedom that you have been looking for. Love will flood your soul and joy will sing within, you will finally know how much you are intentionally loved.


Looking back you will see, how tiny your enemy was. It was only a trick to make you think that I had forsaken thee. The ultimate love is found through surrender and letting go. Push down those walls of fear and walk boldly through the door. This battle is not yours, I will fight for you.



Rejoicing, I sing over you with My love. As a child you trust, knowing that I have protected you. I carry you along as you completely depend on Me. In trusting the tide, I have shown you how to trust in My love”.



Written by Dannette Lynn

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