From a Broken Heart to a Flower Patch

Through my healing of rejection, the light of God revealed to me that I had made an idol out of my broken heart. The suffering that I had gone through was crushing and I was in bitterness of soul. There was so much injustice and pain. In the midst of my pain, I began to worship the suffering. Like Ruth, my heart sang, “the Lord has dealt bitterly with me”.


Honestly, my broken heart was like a friend to me. I thoroughly enjoyed my weeping on the dusty floor. In a strange sort of way, the pain had become comfortable. Out of the abundance of my grief, I had cried out my complaint to the Lord. My heart was torn in pieces and I sat in a pool of self-pity, complaining to those around me about the unfairness I was dealt. 


During my healing of brokenness, the Lord ministered this word to share with those who have been beaten and lashed by the storms, to those wounded warriors who carry a bleeding heart. He showed me a heart as a garden and if any of His children will willingly allow him to come to heal the land of their garden, that He would pour out His spirit of love to bring a rapid growth of His seed of promise. This new land will bring forth an abundant harvest, a flower patch of his manifested words.


The Lord is near to the broken and the hurting. As you look in the natural, it may seem like the words He has promised will take forever to fulfill. There may be so much rearranging that needs to be done to come into alignment with the visions He has given. Yet this will be like a sudden growth, where instantly the seed is fully grown and manifesting promises. Not just one or two, but a flower patch of promises, blooming all at once.


At the end of this word is a lullaby. It is so pure. My 10-year-old daughter was awakened by the Lord at midnight one night and He gave her this lullaby at the end. She had no idea what God had been speaking to me about. All she knew was that she was supposed to give it to me. She woke up and wrote down His every word. From the mouth of a babe, the Lord sent His comforting love.


To go through this heart healing, there are many emotions that we face. If you surrender to God to heal your heart to make your seeds grow, those emotions will be pulled out. As these emotions arise, all you need to do is keep returning and resting in his love. God has everything under His watchful eye, no harm will be done. Like a little child, come to Him with total trust. Thank you for taking this journey with me, you are all so wonderful.  


From the Father’s heart: 


“In the secret place, I planted the seed and placed it way down deep. The deeper it goes, the moister the soil, to cause it to grow. The outer shell is strong and protective against predators. Inside of the seed, there is a root, an impartation of my word.


Some seeds have been sitting for a very long time, waiting for you to allow me to plow the ground. It is the love poured out of your heart that makes the seeds take root and grow. Open your heart and allow me to heal. Fallow ground is unused, areas that have been kept away. You are beautiful garden enclosed, surrender to me and let your walls come down. 


Plowing must be done to soften the hardness of the ground. Stumps must be removed of anger, bitterness, and fear. Pressure causes the anger to come out, as seeds grow best in adversity. I will pull out these roots of pain and replace them with my perfect love. You will feel them go away and my love comes washing in. Know that when this happens, that you are being healed and it is coming from me.


Large rocks must be dislodged of addictions and idols. Thorns and weeds will be gathered and burned of worries, tensions, and anxieties. Fear is only an illusion, seeking for you to agree with its projections. It is a distraction to try to keep you from resting on me. Fear is not from me, resist the negative and rest in my goodness for you. Have confidence in your faith to take from the invisible and bring it into visibility. Hope is your anchor of an expected good outcome. 


As the heart is tilled, and the land made ready, I will release the waters of love to feed the seed. There will be an instant harvest, as the water touches the seed from the dry season. I am the Lord, your Savior, and Redeemer. Arise and shine, for your light has come, my glory has risen upon you.


I will pour out my spirit and bring resurrection life. Soaking your seed in air, sunlight, and water. As the baby promise grows, the outer shell will become soft and the roots will start to grow, reaping the fruits of my unfailing love.


Shake off the brokenness and lean into me. Receive my joy and rejoice at the new. Where you have been abandoned, hated and forsaken; you will be a joy. I have placed my favor and blessing on you. Many emotions come through the healing. The wound only hurts when it is first exposed. As I touch the wound, new skin begins to grow and the pain disappears.


I heal the brokenhearted and bind up their wounds. Let me blow upon your garden, that its spices may flow out. The barren will sing again, broken dreams will be restored. I will raise up that which has fallen down and rebuild you with my beauty. My word is pure, it is a trusted refuge. My words are flawless. There will be unexpected treasures and sudden good news. I have untied the burden and I will release my promises”.





When you’re upset, alone and sad,

When you’re concerned and feeling bad,

Just know all you have to do is patch up your wound,

 and soak in my love.

Trust me, it gets better soon.

When you’re hopeless, suicidal and mad,

When you’re angry, or worried; be glad.

It may take some time to hope,

Believe and love,

And some support from above.

But all of your tears will dry away,

Just listen to my lullaby,

The feelings of sadness will pass on by.

Soon you will be okay, fine and healed.

Soon you’ll be better, you’ll be good.

Your wound will be sealed.

Just listen to my lullaby,

Don’t worry child, don’t you cry,

Because all of your tears will fade away.

You’ll be smiling and laughing again,

Rest yourself in my healing love.



Written by Dannette Lynn

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