“ Before you were born I traced your fingerprints. Leaping and dancing, I rejoiced at My creation. I sang sweet melodies over you and gave you a smile to reveal the joy from My face. In my own beauty, I formed you, My heart delighted over you.


Like a carefree child, you grew, with reflections of royalty glistening in your hair. You danced and played, fully accepted in my love and confidence in your beauty. Outside the window of your soul, stood a sneaky devil full of jealousy and hate. He despised your beauty and plotted a crafty way to steal it away.


He slithered like a snake, his tongue whispering lies. His only power was in agreement, he was hoping to deceive you so that you would open the door of your house and let him in. He told you evil words. He said that you were ugly like him. He told you that no one loved you and that you were worthless as the dirt. He trampled over your beauty and then gloated when his words of destruction started to take place. He covered up your eyes so that you could no longer see the beauty that was inside. Like an aggressive bully, he formed an alliance through agreement and convinced you to be your own enemy, a victim of self-hate.


This evil enemy had friends that stood with him, all hoping that you would accept their words and let them in. There were many of them, to name a few, there was; infirmity, ugly, depression, overweight, and addiction. Some came in and destroyed your home, burning up your confidence. In time you forgot who you were and where you came from. You forgot that you are beautiful and created in the image of perfection. You forgot the words that I sang over you, and you forgot the power of my love.


Isolation did his work, to keep you from relationships. In rejection, you rejected others, there was a train wreck piling up from hurt.


Today, I place my blood on top of your house. Your Redeemer has come to save the day. I am releasing you now from those agreements with your enemies. Step out of the dark corner and come into agreement with the light of who you truly are. I have hidden eternity in your heart and My beauty is engraved within you.


Awaken My bride, my perfect one. Open the door, please let Me in. I will remove these others from your house and restore you to My love again. Come into the place of who you are, shake off the dirt of those agreements, and remove the arrows from your back. Denounce all rejection, self-hate, fear, poverty, and all other hateful words, you are My beloved, you are accepted in Me.


You are the person that I have said you are, you are Beautiful, step into your royal place. Open up your heart, so I can show you what I see. Let down the walls of all protection. I am overcome by your splendor, you have ravished My heart with one look from your eyes.


Your eyes are a fountain of clear waters, a resting place for Me. The spirits of those who see you dance, they are captivated by your beauty. The hair on your head displays your honor, of your royal descent. You are joined to the King, radiance is all I see.


Your silhouette looks like sparkling jewels, full of magnificent colors. You are slender and lovely, innocent like a doe. Your mind captures My heart, like a garden of lilies, like a fragrant bed of flowers. Your heart is faithful and devoted, there is no one like you. Of all the multitudes of people, there is no one who can fill the beauty of your space.


See what I see, step past the bitterness of mistaken reality. The lies were wrapped around you and they beat you to the ground. Now take My hand, rise up, and walk again. Come away with Me to the garden of My love and believe the confession that I speak to you.


I will show you who you are, agree with the words I said. What you think about yourself on the inside is what will manifest. There is power in agreement, bind yourself to Me. You are beautiful, so beautiful to behold.


Your skin is like milk and honey, you are dressed in the purest write, your heart is covered in solid gold. Your past has not become you and you are not who others say you are. You are altogether lovely, your smile melts My heart, like wax before a fire.


I am so in love with you, do you know who you are? You are a descendant of the King and you carry His perfection. The enemy is insanely jealous and enraged from My love for you, resist him, and let him flee from you. They long to have your beauty, so they fed you with a poisonous apple full of lies, in an attempt to turn you against yourself to destructively divide.


You are created in My image. Declare a thing and it will be established for you, break every agreement with a lie. Nothing is impossible to a heart that will believe. Like Cinderella, turn and spin from the inside out.


I am attentive to all of your words, let Me hear your voice. I am proud to call you Mine. I boast in My love for you, like a flickering candle that I could never hide.


Every detail about you was hand made with love. I know your thought afar off before you even speak it, I have even counted every hair on your head. I think about you more than the sands that line the ocean floor. You cannot fathom how deep My love is for you. If it was only you that was standing before Me, I would nail Myself to the cross and do it all again. My love for you is stronger than death. 


Rise up My love, my beautiful one, and come away. Come into agreement with who I created you to be. The world is before you, take My hand and walk with Me. Your future is going to be full of adventure and full of My love. Open your eyes to see what I see. You are beautiful My bride, I see no spot in you. My perfect one, come away with Me” Jesus, lover of your soul.



Written by Dannette Lynn


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