Traveling into the Deep Sea


Like a turtle, she was planted in a nest that was deep in the sand. There were many battles that she had to face to find the peaceful stream of love. The deep sea of love was the cozy and safe place, where she rested from her problems. From the very beginning, her life was a struggle, having to dig her way out to find the surface. She belonged to her Father and she longed to know His love.


The Father’s love was free from fear and abounding in joy. The Father’s children were carefree and had no worry of any problem. They trusted in His attention to every detail of their life. The Father handled all of their needs and sent angels to protect them. The children were promised that whatever they asked they would receive if they believed and did not doubt.


Like a turtle she went searching for this rest, that was in the deep sea waters. There were many obstacles on the way, in search of the Father’s fear free love. The driftwood was like doubt that blocked the turtle’s way. Fear was like mountains of footprints in the sand, seeking to cause worry and stress. Like a baby turtle, she kept looking for the ocean light on the horizon to find her way to her destiny of promise.


The shore was a dangerous place, where the danger of predators was high. On the shore of self-protection, she had to swim hard against the fear. On the shore, there was always striving. She needed help to find the Father’s love. Her arms were getting tired from the burdens that she carried.


Always working, praying and crying out, her soul longed for rest. Just in time, she met a friend to help, His name was Jesus. He gave those who were weary rest and He said,


“The way to swim deep is total trust and abiding in Me. To abide is to be one, single in your mind, no doubting or unbelief. Fear and doubt keep you divided and stuck on the shores of fear.


Break your agreements with unbelief and come into the waters of living faith. Receive the dream of God into reality, daring to believe everything you see. The word of God is alive and powerful, given through patience and faith. Don’t wonder how it will happen, just let your heart believe.


I am passionate about faithfulness, My love is devoted and I will not let you down. Let the walls of self-protection down, to allow My perfect love to come in and wash all fear away. The deep waters bring the turtles ‘lost years’ of bliss and surrender keeps you hidden in Me.


Count it all joy at the testing of your faith. From a tiny seed, it grows in adversity to become deeply rooted, a strong and unshakable tree. Bringing forth the fruit of promise. First, the head and then the blade and then you see the expectation of your hope arriving.


Join yourself to Me as one, fully believing and not doubting. You can do all things through Me, all you must do is fully believe. He who fears has not been made perfect in love, being perfected in love is to rest in Me, never doubting with unbelief. Where there is fear, there is not love.


He who doubts is like a wave tossed by the sea, driven by agitation. He is unstable in all of his ways, he is divided with fear and unbelief.


I will shoulder your weakness, just rest in Me. I am your provider and I will protect you, rest in me. Tell me your prayers and then rest in My faithfulness. The one who goes in deep waters will restfully glide with peace and ease in the safety of Love. As you rest in Me, you will be filled with My joy, knowing that I will take care of you.


I have unlimited power, able to do anything. Nothing is out of My view, the eyes of the Lord see all. My faithfulness has been tested, I am omnipresent.


Cast off fear and put on Love, which is the bond of perfection. Let the peace of God rule in your heart, always be thankful. You have been streamlined for swimming in deep waters, I have given you a promise of rest. When you pray, believe that you receive, thinking only positive.


Give me every burden in complete surrender. Abandon yourself to rest in My will, knowing that I am good and my intentionality is for you. You are complete in Me, who is the Head of every principality and power. As you rest in Me, My joy will remain in you to be carefree.


The deep is where you cannot walk, you can only trust and depend, resting in the Father’s love. Give me your prayers and come boldly to My throne of grace to receive in your time of need. Surrender every worry to Me and then do not pick it up again. Trust that I have heard you and that I know you by name. Trust Me to take care of you, abide in My love”.


So she let go of what she feared, as she offered up her prayer. Then she rested in knowing that God was a Good Father. His love took her deeper than she had ever been before. The more that she let go and trusted, the deeper His love would go. Instead of fear and worry, she was bubbling with joy, as she glided in the deep waters, of her Father’s love.


Written by Dannette Lynn

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