Sorrow Dance of the Afflicted Soul

This is a word that was inspired by a night I encountered the spirit in the most beautiful way. I was broken and in deep affliction, waiting on God to fulfill his word to me. During this encounter, I was captured by the Lord and I gave a deep worship to him from my brokenness through a ballet dance. It was a dance of sorrow, an offering of the broken heart. Through the lamentation of giving him all of my heart, I found that there was extreme beauty found in the breaking. To those who are going through a time of breaking, this is for you. 


~ Shadows shift, as I move across the floor. My head is bowed and turned down low. The hope in my affliction is that I trust in your word. My body moves to the music of my broken heart, I dance before you as an offering. For I know that you do not despise the broken and contrite of the soul. I don’t have to hide how I feel from you, with arms stretched out, I show all of myself to you.


Seeing the shadows of the dying flower, that I had been waiting for you to revive, I slowly twirl and sway. Warm tears roll down my cheeks, as I come and bow at your feet. My desire is before you and my sighing, I have not hidden.


Troubled and bowed down greatly, poor and sorrowful at the desperation of your word. By sorrow of the heart, the spirit is broken. Even in the midst of the pain, I dance for you. Your love is the beat of my heart, it is the air that I breathe. I hope in your word, my eyes are awake through the night watches.


I have found the place of Bethany, the house of misery. In my agony, I pour myself at your feet and embrace the breaking, because I know that you are close to me. All I can offer is my flesh and bones, with what I have, I give to you. Fully I surrender my soul. Remember your words to your servant, on which you have given me hope. Until the day breaks and the shadows flee away, I will climb this mountain and wait upon the Lord.


In the silence, I waited and I turned my head when I heard your voice.  Jesus so beautiful walks close saying,  


“Lean your head upon my heart, the pain that you feel will not last. The moon was appointed for seasons and the season of the night always passes by. The injustice that was done and hidden in the dark, will be revealed by my light of day. There is medicine in the moon, times of brokenness promote healing and causes my light to shine through. The stars come out and shine brightly in the dark, through your breaking, you shine my glorious light.


The natural eye delays sight by a second and likewise the acts of the spirit come first. I gave you my word to fulfill it, not to leave you longing or your hope deferred. In the spirit it has been done, even if what you see now looks upside down. At the right time, I will flip it around. Bad situations will be turned around to happy endings and miracles will manifest. What I have spoken will not be moved. The night is the day, only in a shadow.


The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit and contrite heart, your beauty in the breaking is very precious to me. I will seek what was lost and bring back what has driven away. I will bind up the brokenness and heal the soul that is sick.


Whoever falls on the cornerstone will be broken, but I will make everything beautiful in its time. In your heart, I have placed eternity. No one can find the work of the Lord from the end to the beginning. To you, I will be a crown of glory and a diadem of beauty.


When you see nothing and it looks dark all around, you are in the shadow of the Almighty. There is a purpose in the pain and beauty in the suffering. Rain makes the grass vibrant and bright. The dew causes the lily to grow. Under the weight of the pressing, the seed is cracked for the flower to grow and the pressing reveals the loveliness of a Diamond. As heat causes the egg to hatch, so is my glory that enters your womb. What was placed within you will come out, I will fulfill my word to you. My promise was a gift for you to receive even now, let your heart be made glad and rejoice in it.


I will console those who mourn and give them beauty for their ashes. You will forget the shame of your suffering, as you birth the promise that I have spoken. My kindness shall never depart from you.


My afflicted one tossed in the waves and not comforted. I will heal your brokenness and create beauty all around you. You will sparkle like a diamond, as I work from the inside out, to reveal the exquisiteness inside of you.


Your ashes will be poured out, like a burnt offering to me, for the fire of my glory to consume. I will clothe you with radiance and give you joy for your pain. No suffering lasts forever and there is an end to pain. I will give you better than you had before. Lay your heart in my hand and pour it out to me. There is beauty in the breaking.


I give power to the weak and to those who have no might, I increase their strength. Like a woman in anguish, as she delivers two babies, you are receiving your double portion anointing, like a broken vessel of the alabaster box. The anointing is pouring out from me.


Do you know the plans I have for you, for a hope and a future? You have a good inheritance, I am your portion. In the night, I give you counsel and instruct your heart in my ways. Let your heart be glad, as you rest in hope. Those who hope in me will not be disappointed.


My goodness and love will follow you all the days of your life. The brokenness that you are feeling is bringing out the beauty of the anointing. At the end of yourself, you will find all of me. Take my hand and dance with me. Rest your head upon my heart and let me take your burdens away. Every tear that you have cried and prayer that you have prayed, I will pour out before you to turn your rain into flowers.


Coming through the sorrow, is the baby of double promise, the reward of your faith. The night has been long and you have been hurting, but you didn’t turn away. You kept your eyes upon me and drew close, even in your afflictions.


I’ve never quit loving you and I never will. Expect love, love and more love. You have learned to dance in the sorrow of rain, now get ready to dance in the shining light of the fulfillment of the promise. The darkest part of the night is right before the break of day. Come and dance with me”.



Written by Dannette Lynn

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