Rest in my Love


A love letter from the Lord Jesus, the lover of your soul. 


“Waters come down from the sky to water the earth and make the plants grow. The flowers never fail to blossom, revealing the beauty and a fragrant smell. All that you need, I can give to you. I am all around you, like the air that blows through the trees. As the wind blows, the Spanish moss sways and the grass gently bend. I hold everything together by the word of my power.


I am the root of all that you need. You do not support the root, but the root supports you. When fearful thoughts come near and you wonder if I will come through, settle yourself deeper into my vine and allow my love to carry you. My power works within you to do exceedingly above all you could ask or think. Rest in me and believe. 



Like pure waters flowing, my love flows through you, filling up your heart with healing.You will rise up out of the way of the wilderness, leaning upon your Beloved. My love will awaken you and you will see my glory. Let your roots wrap around my love, as an anchor for you.


Every promise that I have given to you will not be taken away. My word that goes from my mouth will not return to me void, it will fulfill the purpose for which I send it, you will be led forth in joy. The mountains and hills will rejoice. My love is always singing over you.


It is the Lord who gives you strength and plants you by rivers of living waters. I am the fountain inside of you that springs up into life everlasting. Whatever you do I will make prosper. In my garden, I turn the dust into beauty and lift the poor from the ash heap.


In my wisdom, I founded the earth, and with my understanding, I established the heavens. By my knowledge, the depths were made, and the clouds drop down dew. The tree receives from the air and from the moist ground beneath it and sunlight causes everything to work together. In the same, I cause all things to work together for your good, simply trust me to be your everything. I am greater in you than he who is in the world. Resting is a source of power.


In my presence are healing waters. My grace flows like a river and my mercy comes down like the rain. All things are possible as you rest in who I am and believe in my miracle power. As I have promised, I will do for you. I will never forget you, my eyes are always upon you and my ears listen for your voice.


I am the one who is and is to come and there is nothing that can separate you from my love. As a tree is planted by streams of water, its roots reach deep into the water. Such trees are not bothered by the heat and there is no reason to fear. All it does is relax and soak up the waters of love and receive from the rich inheritance.


Abide in me and rest in my goodness and love for you. I am the Root, the King of all Kings, where healing waters flow. My peace I give to you, do not let your heart be worried or afraid. All of the creation bows at my name. Far above all rule and authority. Lay your worries at my feet and rest deeply in my love”. 


Written by Dannette Lynn

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