Wings of Flight



High up in the tall trees, is a baby eaglet sitting safely in his nest. His wings are tipped with gold, from an inheritance of Royalty and Power. He has been given a gift of prophetic grace to unleash life with creative force. His Father is the King, who holds the lightning and the thunder.


In the eaglet’s security, he has been hand-fed by his Father, the words of knowledge and colorful promises that build up hope. The Father decides it is the set time for His child to learn to fly. Little by little the eaglet leaves his place of comfort with his eyes attentive to the location of his Father.


 It was time for the little child to learn to fly. The Father allowed a storm to come through, to shake up the little birdie’s nest. As the tree rocked, the little eaglet tumbled out of his nest. From the high place he began to fall, he was confused and crying to go home again. 


Many emotions came rustling through the birdie’s feathers. Fear was pulling him in and he had to make haste to survive. The fear was a shadow of death and this bird was not ready yet to die. He cried out to his Father for help and he wondered, why has this has happened?



He heard his Father’s voice on the wind to bring comfort to him,


“It is time to take flight and be who you were created to be. I have given you wings to fly. I am the wind beneath your wings and I will carry you high! You will go up to new atmospheres and see new places. Just past the fear, the tension will cause a release and you see your dreams become a reality.


I will make you strong like adamant stone, stronger than flint. I will lift you up, My hand will be strong upon you. Like a good Father, I will watch over your coming and your going. I will feed you with knowledge and understanding. The Spirit of the Lord is within you, My word is on your tongue. I will bring light to your words, like the light of the morning. The things that I speak to you are for your peace and My plans are for you to live abundantly. I have chosen you and called you to do great and wonderful things.


Think of good things and call them forth. You are Royalty. Issue the decree by My authority and power. I will make you rise and bring light to your ‘let there be’. Prophecy according to your faith and I will fulfill it for you. The winds will lift you high and you will soar like an eagle, resting in My love for you. I fulfill the words of My messengers and the predictions of My servants


 Those things that you hope for will become a reality when you speak them out through faith. Rise up and come away, I have good plans for you. By your spoken words, I will open the graves of hope and breathe life into them. Then you will know that I, the Lord, have spoken and performed it. Out of the perfection of My beauty, I will shine forth through your decrees.


Stir up the gift within you, flap your wings to fan the flame. Think only positive thoughts and the good news of what I will do for you. Call out those things that are not, as though they were, to give them life. Things are not as they seem, prophesy life to your dreams. Induce the labor and delivery of every promise through the gift that I gave to you.


Do not think of any negative thoughts, that could be carried by the wind. All of my blessings shall come upon you, as you proclaim them. I bless the fruit of your lips to reap an abundant harvest. All of your storehouses will be filled, you are the lender and not the borrower.


Turn your thoughts around, not to what you see, but declare what will be. I allowed the storm to come and shake your nest, to teach you how to fly. Freedom is birthed from within. Out of the mouth of the eaglet comes a prophecy. I will fulfill the dream with My spirit and cause it to live. I am the presence all around you to carry you high.  



Faith is the confidence of things hoped for and the assurance of things not yet seen. You have My favor to proclaim your destiny. Speak what is in your heart and I will cause you to fly. With trust and confidence in Me, you will find rest and soar away. Know that the petitions that you decree will be granted by Me. Out of the mouth of My eagle, comes the fire of a prophecy ”.




Written by Dannette Lynn