Father’s Lullaby




“Come to me, lay down and rest my weary child. I will protect you from all harm, and in my arms, you will stay. Like a bird, protecting its newborns in the nest, I will conceal you and keep you hidden away. My love is healing every fear away.


Guarding Angels are always near, so do not fear. I am right beside you.  Call my name and I will answer, you’ll be safe and sound with me. There is nothing that I do not know, no space in your heart is hidden from me. No one knows you better.


As a Father, I have protected you, even before you were born.  I covered you in your mother’s womb. There is not a word on your tongue, and yet I know it all together. I have hedged you behind and before and on your life, I have laid my hand.


I am anywhere you go. If you take the wings of the morning and dwell in the uttermost parts of the land, even there I will be holding you. When darkness falls and you drift to sleep, sailing away in a dream on the silvery moon, I will show you my plans for you.


In the brightness that is before me, comes thick clouds, hailstones, and fire. Have you seen the treasures of my snow and hail, which I have reserved for the times trouble? I know the way the light is parted and what scatters the east wind on the earth. It is I, who has divided the water course, for the overflowing waters. I hold the stars in my hand and my word holds the world together.


Even in the creation of all things, you are my desire. My eyes are always upon you, my ears are attentive to your prayers. Even when you see nothing, I am prospering you. Thoughts of you fill my mind, they are more than you could ever ponder.


Promises that I give to you, I protect them too. I captured all of your tears in a bottle and I will use your tears to bring beauty out of the dust for you. I have blessed you, poor in spirit, my Kingdom I have given to you.


I will be your lighthouse when you are lost at sea. Nothing can snatch you away from me. When you were afflicted and saw your promise passing away, in flight you wept and said, “ I cannot watch this baby die”. Yet in my word is life, my word is like Gold gleaming out of the fire. I heard your promise crying out to me and from the well of life, I will pour out my resurrection power. What I have promised will not die. Anything that you have entrusted to me, I will protect.


Fear not, arise and lift up your hopes again. I will open your eyes to see, the wonderful works that I have done for you. As the eagle hovers over its young, my presence surrounds you with songs of love. I will carry you upon my wings and set you on a high place. I will save you from those who rise against you and hide you in the shelter of the Almighty.


I am your rock and your fortress. When you call upon me, I will ride on the wings of the wind. My mouth will send out the arrows of my word and scatter away your enemies. From on high I will swoop down and to take you and lift you out of many waters. My word is proven, I am a shield to all who trust in me. I am everywhere and there is nothing that escapes being seen by me.


I arm you with strength and make your way perfect, never worry about if you slip. I will lift you up again. Steady now your heart and come into my rest. Lay your burdens at my feet, the palm of my hand is a refuge for the weary. When you know that I am for you, who could you ever fear?


As you were pushed violently, and those who were abusive hoped that you might fall, I made a way to help you. Vindication will come from me, it is I who will avenge you. On the one with an afflicted and humble spirit will I look and the one who trembles at my word. Although your brethren had cast you out, I will comfort you and extend my peace like a river. You will know who I am for you, through the mighty working of my great power.


My hand will be known to you, like a bird defending its young. Those you touch you will see regret. I will come like a whirlwind to save you. Blessed are those who weep, for they will laugh again.


When the wind is blowing, do not fear, I am always near. I will arm you with strength and make your way perfect. I am always on your side, even the enemies that lurk in the shadows of darkness will be destroyed, by my name of devouring fire.


In my rest, you will find your home. In my rock, you will find your protective nest. Rest your head close to my heart. My baby, always stays near, because I am always holding onto you.


Dry your eyes from your tears. Like bluebirds flying over a rainbow, the dreams that I have given you will come true. My grace relieves your fears because my promise is my gift to you. Rest is your strongest weapon, cast your cares upon me. 


In the tree top of my protection, you are safe and sound. Rest in the secret place of my protection, abide in my Almighty shadow “.



Written by Dannette Lynn

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