Into Bloom

A love letter from the Father.



The spring season comes bringing the flowers into bloom. Like a treasured flower, you carry seeds of My promises hidden inside your spiritual womb. In beauty, you were formed. Every petal carries a testimony, every seed brings forth life. The promises that I have placed within you, will be released to come into fullness. 


Like a gardener, I tend to you, indeed I am always close by to protect you. Eagerly I watch over My word to fulfill it. My banner over you is intentional love. Carefully I guard your way. The combination of wind, sun, and rain are all used to guide you into bringing forth the beauty of my designed plans for you. I lean down to kiss you and whisper, ‘You are beautiful. Rise up My love, it is time for flowers to appear on the earth’.


I have hedged you behind and before. I am your resting place as you abide in Me. My hand leads you, as you rest in My sunlight. My right hand protects you and guards your path, like an enclosed garden, My eyes are on all of your life. You are a spring hidden away, a fountain sealed. In your time of secret growth, I have been planning for your beauty to be revealed.


Your roots grow deep into My heart, which keeps you safely harnessed in My plans for you. When the storms come, I am the anchor that keeps you safe in your way. You’re always growing upward, keeping your eyes on Me. The tears that you have sown will come up as joy. When you were deeply broken and wept on My knee, I reminded you of My promises to make all things new and give you beauty instead of pain.


When the rumbling of storms come, find your rest in Me. In the shadow of My wings, I will give you refuge. I am your weapon, as you trust in Me. Surrender is your greatest power and I am your great defender. Joseph found himself in prison again, just before his great promise was fulfilled. Things are not always as they seem. Some promises will bloom through adversity. A prison can be used as a doorway to the promises that I have made.


There is nothing that can happen, that will not be used to bring you into My plans for you. I am for you, have faith in Me. I will fight you every battle, you are not alone. When the rains come down, find your place of REST in My hand. How valuable are My plans for you, they will cover you in gold.


Like the sand by the sea, they are more than you could ever count. My light will rise up and everything it touches will be covered in My glory light. Your soul will sing and dance in the showers of My love. I have established My promises for you. I will cause your promises to bloom, even when you don’t expect them to. In my loving kindness and truth, I have magnified My word over your life. Nothing can take that from you.


You will bloom into My promises for you. With such abandonment, you will bloom and fill the world with beauty. As the rains come sweeping through, an explosion of color will open up. Dormant seeds of promise that have been in waiting, will sprout up and grow into full bloom. Everything that happens has been centered on working with you as a blessing. You will see My goodness for you.


When the winds grow stronger and the swirling tempest comes, it will cause your flower to open up and release more seeds of promise to be fulfilled. I have hidden blessings for you, even the wind will help you. The promises that I have placed on the inside will come out.


Popping up all around your garden suddenly blooms My promises for you. Color and fragrance all around, tell the story that I have written for you. The story of the gardener who deeply loves His flower and watched intently to see it bloom. When the winds came, you would bend and sway, always covered in the protection of My intentional love. 




Written by Dannette Lynn

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