Butterfly Dreams

Butterfly Dreams was inspired by an encounter that I had. The Holy Spirit took me into a dream. I was driving through a city and there were portals all over where there was an opening for supernatural miracles and revivals. I could see shafts of light and Godly leaders of the past who walked in miracle power.


Then an angel took me under the water in the spirit into a ship. He said that there were butterflies inside the ship. The ship was the ministry of Jesus Christ. As I looked, there were butterflies all over, tons of them! After this dream, I spent a week chewing on the pieces of this word, until God finally put it all together for me.


The title was given to me by Holy Spirit through the prophetic dreamer, Joey Rocha. This is a word for those who are serious about getting a divine miracle, by faith. There are many butterflies waiting to come out. Enjoy this faith-filled story.


“The caterpillar is not so beautiful on the outside. She has dreams full of hope of who she would like to become. She eats and eats and never stops.



She has a Shepherd who has been speaking to her and calling out her name. He lives in the secret place of her heart. He whispers dreams that glitter with gold, of a new beautiful self, that He longs for her to receive. He was the one who designed her heart, so He knows her better than she even knows herself.



She always thought she was just a caterpillar, always dimly accepting the outward reality. But the Shepherd has been showing her His plans to give her something more beautiful that He wanted to make her, that matched the beauty of her heart. She follows her Shepherd because she knows His voice. He has gone before her to make a way for this impossible dream to come true.



The seeds that this Shepherd has planted in her heart are prosperous, leaving a promise that the vine will give its fruit and the ground shall give its increase. Deep within the caterpillar, the change was already happening, as this seed of hope grew inside. The Shepherd told her that He was determined to do good for her because His love for her would never fail.



One day, the caterpillar stopped eating. She could no longer be who she once was. The dream inside of her was becoming too big to carry on the inside. She found a place on the vine to abide and she spun herself around to see what was on the inside. As she wrapped herself in the silk of her Maker’s word, she no longer gave attention to what was seen in her natural land.



All of her focus and her attention was given to the dream that was rising on the inside, as she hung herself upside down. She saw herself as the person that the Shepherd said she could be. Faith was rising rapidly. Like rushing waters, Faith was bursting at the seams of her cocoon.



The beginning of the caterpillar’s wings was formed underneath her skin. She did not look at the ugliness of her present body or any of its flaws. She rested in the goodness of the vine to hold her up and bring her dreams to life. She was overflowing inside with thanksgiving to the one who made a way for her. While she rested in the security of the vine, the Lord came to her rescue.



The one who breaks open went before her and passed through the gate of the miraculous. In this secret place, He showed her that her mind must reach her destination before her feet do. As she pressed into her dream and believed with all of her heart, the Shepherd had compassion for her.




He touched the dead coffin on her old self and said to her “Arise, as you have believed, let it be done for you”. In the strength and majesty of the Lord, He lifted her up to a place where her present self-met the new person that he created. His Glory suddenly filled her body and she emerged with radiant Beauty, glistening like the Son on the Mount of Transfiguration. The person that was in her thoughts was the person that she had become.



The Lord had comforted her and in her affliction, He came and made all things NEW. When the caterpillar was fully awake she saw His Glory. It really happened, because she didn’t stop believing in her dreams. She heard and understood what the Shepherd was speaking all along. Because she believed, He made a miracle for her. 



The caterpillar radically emerged from her cocoon. Her Savior went before her to break open the way. He carried a key to an open door that no man could shut. He made the little caterpillar’s dream come true. He even gave her new DNA to fly. As she flapped her wings, they finally became dry. What was in the waters of the spirit, she had brought into her natural habitat, all because she believed in the resurrection power of Jesus to bring her dreams to reality.



This is the story of an intentional love for the caterpillar. Jesus did not want her to suffer any longer, nor accept who she had become. Jesus gave her the dreams of her heart. This is a story of how the caterpillar took what was on the inside and radically emerged as a butterfly. What she believed in what she had become. All because of the love that Jesus had for her and her willingness to have determined faith. He desires to see us touch the stars of our dreams and bring them back with us.



One day the caterpillar stops eating and goes to make her cocoon. What is on the inside will come out, when you set all of your thoughts on NEW that God has already prepared and think the happy thoughts and you will fly. Let your imagination soar as you dream big. As your faith is working, Jesus will break you through. As a radically new creation, you will soar because Jesus has made your biggest dreams come true”.






Written by Dannette Lynn



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