Let’s Go High

Your voice is the pen of a ready writer. Your lips move with the oil of anointing. A dance of God’s power is moving your tongue. The Spirit is bubbling up from within. As you open your mouth to speak, the flood waters are released.

The enemy has been lurking at your door, trying to stop you from becoming what God has called you to be. He has been aggressively plotting the fears to take root and erase your memory. His plans will come to nothing, they will never prevail. Because deep down inside, God has spoken to you of who he has created you to be. Eternity has been placed in your heart.

Fear of getting it wrong, fear of mistakes. So much fear has held you away from releasing what is inside. In pressing past those fears, the GIFT will explode and you fly high.

There were wars against you, trying to keep you from taking flight. Although they fought to curse you, it was the Love of Jesus who has taken that curse away. He was the first forerunner, he went the way of pain to prepare his paradise for you. They twisted the crown of thorns and placed it on his head. Cutting deep, those lies and accusations were carried by him instead.

They put him on a platform of judgment and threw stones at him. Yet he reversed the curse for you and for me. There is a time to cast stones and a time gather them. Now watch and see as Jesus uses the stones that were cast against you to build upon you his Honor to show you his Glory.

Expect the unexpected, as everything changes rapidly. In a twinkling of an eye, you will arrive at the new heights and see your place of destiny. Your trust in Jesus is the propeller that takes you higher than you’ve ever been.

Jesus stands grinning, his eyes beaming with love. He opens his mouth and says,


“It is time to make your dream a reality. The reward of your faith is to see what I have spoken to your heart when you were asleep. I have removed the protection of your enemies. Let’s go over together and take possession of what I have already given to you.

Those who have tried to block you from entering this land have used the illusions of being intimidating and fearful, hoping to cause you great dread. Do not fear those people, because they are your bread. I am leading you up to the high place, it will be worth the risk you take.

I will send the rain of my Spirit, everywhere we go. Resist looking at them, do no fear this person. Look only to me.  I have delighted in you and when you chose to be with me, I chose to move for you.

I will carry you and guide you every step of the way. Dreams come while you are sleeping. What I have given to you is yours to keep. In your heart, I have placed this dream. As you awaken, you will see me smiling back at you. What I have promised will come true. As I pull out my word to fulfill it, do not be afraid, because you are breaking through.  I will cause you to ride the high places of the earth. You are called by name and I have created you for my Glory.

My presence is a parachute. Completely depend on me, I will fight for you. In my presence you will find my peace, just be still and rest in me. I am taking you where you have never been. Keep your face forward, leaving the past behind. It’s going to be a wild ride, fasten up those fears with Faith and come running to me.

Speak what I have given to you to eat, even if your mouth is trembling. A Lion has roared! Who can but prophesy?

Do not fear the pride of those who try to keep you on the ground. I will take care of them. There is no one who can deliver out of my hand. I work and who will reverse it? Let your worry rest on me. I will rain ruin upon the strong, no plot against you will succeed. Justice will rain down like water and righteousness like a mighty stream. My light is rising on you, nothing can block it from coming through.

Jump into my arms and get ready to go high. The power is found in surrender. As you let go and trust in me, together we will soar and let our love fill the sky. Those who tried to keep you down will only be able to look up, as their time of humbling has come.

Let’s go high, let’s feel the wind beneath our feet. The air of freedom moving through your fingertips. It’s time to be who I created you to be. You are so much more than you ever thought you’d be. Just let go and trust in me”.



Written by Dannette Lynn

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