Hide Yourself in Me

This is a word to the new and upcoming prophetic people, who may be battling against fear and opposition. Be strong and be courageous. God will go before you.

“As you walk down this new trail and you come into the open space, hide in me. I will be a cave of protection for you against those seeking to tackle you with insult and those who have daggers secretly hidden in their lips. Though an army of wolves may surround you, do not fear. 

I am with you to protect you. Have confidence in my favor for you. As men launch at you with weapons of judgments and slander to stone you, their words will return upon their own heads. It is your accusers who will fall. Set your focus on me. Though many are blowing winds of doctrine and debate, look only at my face. I will defend you. 

I will show you the increase and beauty of the new land. I will train you to rise above every attack, it will only ground your foundation firmer within me. For you have built your house upon the rock of my word and you know your identity.

In every circumstance, do not fear, only rest in my goodness and know that my deliverance is near. Let your heart not worry about how you will answer the questions of man, only rest in my spirit and trust in my plan. From within you, I will cause my waters to flow and I will contend with those who have unpure thoughts about you.

I am the one knows the intentions of the heart and I will use your yielded vessel to confound the wisdom of man. Trust in me and my goodness for you. I am the Lord your God, whom shall you fear? I am your strong hiding place, of whom shall I be afraid?

Rest in my power and rest in my love. There is nothing that I cannot see. I know all things, there is no hiding from me. You will surely see my beauty and hear me in this secret place. Hidden secrets I will share and make known to you my plan.

I will make you strong and bold and immune to all fear. I am training you to keep your mind on me. I will hide you in the battle and cover you with my hand. High up in a secure and solid place I will take you.

Your name will be lifted up above your enemies. Those who aimed to give you shame will only receive disgrace. I will not give you over to the will of your adversaries. You are my chosen one and I will rescue you with my arm. Have I not said, ‘touch not my anointed and do my prophets no harm?’. No weapon formed against you will prosper, it only plants you deeper into oneness with me.

If ever the nets of fear try to take hold of you, twirl and twirl and turn around until you have hidden in me again. Remember all that I have spoken, speak my word against every lie. You will see my goodness and no harm will come to you. Trust me and know that I am with you always.

Peace I leave to you. My peace I give to you. Into the secret place, come and hide in me.

Jesus, your friend”. 



Written by Dannette Lynn

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