The Third Trimester




In the Third Trimester, you have reached the final stage of your pregnancy. In this time you could have the delivery of your baby, as a surprise at any moment. You may be within reach of your delivery, but there is still a little more time around the corner. It may be you have already been deep in hard labor and the pain has been unbearable to withstand.


This is the stage when the pain and discomfort of this pregnancy increases. The same is true for the one who has walked with the spiritual pregnancy as a mother of promise to be.


To the one in the third trimester, you have been walking out the night, as you cry out in the secret place. Your heart beats with the longing for the Father to bring about the expected day. The Great I AM has given you this baby of promise. It has been a hard and difficult pregnancy of impossibility, one that feels as though it will never end.


As you have walked alone, the freshness of the memory of promise and the excitement of its fulfillment began to fade away. You have anguished and labored over the pain that you could not stop. The dream He gave was so beautiful and you fell in love with the picture He painted. The further that you got from the time that the word was spoken to you, the more intense the pressure of the circumstances around you became.


In the opposite direction than what God had spoken, unexpected circumstances appeared to take the stage. Many times you were found, on the floor, pleading mercy for God to establish His word.




And you wonder, ‘Lord when will you come and do what you said?’.



By this time, it almost feels like a distant childhood dream, and you wonder if it was ever real at all? Then your heart skips a beat and reminds you, ‘who am I to doubt all that God has spoken to me?”



Even though you know that you are not alone, you may feel forsaken at times. So many nights you have cried and battled on your knees. As you grow weary, every time, you lift your hands in surrender and say, “Let it be according to your plan. Though I walk through the valley, I will not fear”.


Your Heavenly Father speaks softly to you,


“What I have shown you has been spoken into your being as a creative force. It works against time and space to bring about my plan. I gave you a word of promise to hold in your pocket as proof of what I will do. It is your bell to ring and sing with Joy for what I have done for you.


I have regarded your lowly state and I have done wondrous things for you. I have scattered the proud and the imagination of their heart. I gave you My favor and extended My Kingdom to you. It has already happened in the spirit, it is already done. Do not forget what I said. Let My voice echo once again within you. Ring your bell of rejoicing and it will start to manifest. All you must do is believe and wait for your baby to be born.


It will not disappoint you. It will surely rise up, like the morning sun and touch your life with My happy plans for you. I have ordered a plan for you and have placed each promise around you, to bring about your heart’s desire. You can trust me, I am faithful and what I have spoken will come into visibility. 


I have carved ribbons of promise within every crevice of your heart. As you walk with me, you will see each one pop up as a gift. No one knows you as I do and I have set My mind on making your dreams come true. As planets move around the sun, I dance and rejoice around you, for what I have done. I have saved you from the pit of death and took away the venom of the creeping snake. My word works effectively for you if you believe.


Just as you cannot understand the mystery of a tiny baby growing in its mother’s womb, so you cannot understand the way I move to do all things for you. I made possible what was impossible for you. Let your heart press into the joy of fulfillment and praise. Live by faith in the Son who has given you this inheritance and receive the promise by faith.



Surrender your pain to me and open your eyes to see your promise, it has been with you all along. In the secret place, I have shown you what is to come. Don’t let go of that love song. 


Vision is your key to this vehicle that moves along the desires of your heart.



All things will become possible if you will believe, look and see the Word of God. As you believe again, you will start to see. Let your offering to me be a thankful heart. With hope and confidence, you will see the birth of my plan. As you have believed, so it will be done for you”.



Blessed is she who has BELIEVED, for there will be a FULFILLMENT of what God has said.  





Written by Dannette Lynn