Eyes of the Humble



You were hated without cause. The proud fumed with envy. The proud sought to exalt themselves, while you prayed for their blessings. You are virtuous, with an excellent spirit. Chosen by God to be like a dove with wings of silver, and feathers dipped in gold.

In your heart, you chose to set yourself apart from the wicked and defiled ways of the world. Every day you kneel before your God the King and surrender up your prayers to Him. You love to repent and turn to rest your head on the loving heart of God. You have wept many tears from the mistreatment of your name.

You have been preferred over many in high positions. Those who were jealous sought a way to make you fall. The wicked laid up their traps to stop the upward way that God has called you. Alone, you have fought with your faith to face this battle. Your heart is so big and you love to love all people. It’s so hard to understand how anyone could hate you.

But in the way of your Savior you walk. They have hated you because they have hated Him first. You strive to be faithful to keep a heart of integrity. You delight in placing others first. You are quick to learn and slow to dishonor others.

Those of a proud heart saw you coming and they were threatened by your humility. They used deception and manipulation to cause your destruction. Using even the word to God to twist as a serpent, they planned to cut you apart and steal your dream away.

They rolled a stone to block your path and cornered you into the path of the roaring lion. Yet you boldly set your face to worship God and nothing could ever take His love from you. They were waiting for you to fall, but God had other plans in mind.

Those who dig a pit will fall into it and he who rolls a stone will have it roll back upon him. The principalities and powers of darkness licked their teeth and sneered at their plans to tear you apart. But you are seated with Christ in heavenly places, in the secret place you found safety. No army in all of hell could touch this protection.

The plans of the proud have backfired and he who planned evil against you will fall. You will be found innocent in the eyes of God and of man. The Lord says, “Because you trusted in me, I will rescue you. No injury will be found on you because you believe in my intentions”.

The Lord is sending out angels assigned to the administration of Justice, your cause will be redeemed. The scales of the law will be weighed. False witnesses exposed and removed. Vindication you will see. Those who have accused you will fall into the very pit they have made for you. Though their hatred is covered by deceit, their wicked ways will be revealed by all to see. Those things done in the dark will come into the light of day.

Peace will be multiplied to you, as the hand of God lifts you up. The humble will be exalted and the proud will fall. From the coast to the shining sea; there was not one who could ever touch the one, who God has declared Justice over thee.

By humility and fear of the Lord will come to you riches, honor, and life. You will excel in your ways and appear before the dignified Kings. You are an ambassador of heaven, a carrier of the resurrection of Christ. What God has placed within you, will be brought to life. The Lord has chosen to protect you and give you the freedom of His prosperity.

In the deep waters of your heart, the Lord has given you counsel. With your blessing of understanding, you will draw it out to walk out the road ahead. From the prison to the open door, Jesus has made a way. He will restore your fortunes to you and bless every moment of your way.


Jesus marches before you, as a mighty man of war. As He passes the heavens drop the rain of His glory. Every thorn that has hurt your walk will be moved away by the presence of God. He will provide His goodness and you will not be ashamed. Blessed be the Lord, who daily loads you with His benefits.


You are moving up and out of the pit. To the highest peak of God’s presence, you will stand, in the upper palace. No weapon formed against you will ever prosper, no curse can stick. Instead, you will see great vindication and honor because you God has chosen to Bless.



Written by Dannette Lynn

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