The Prophet is Called


A love letter from the Father. 



You are stepping into the waters of trust that are deeper than you can walk in your own mind. My ways are not your ways. I am calling you to walk on water. The only way to avoid sinking is to trust me. Look into my eyes and not the opinions of man.


I will make your words like fire and the opinions of your accusers will be the wood. My fire inside of you will devour everything that opposes my word in you. It is I, The Lord, who has called you and ordained you. Before you were even born, I set you apart, for this time. Open your mouth and I will fill you with My Spirit.


I am your stronghold, who will you fear? Do not be afraid of man, who is in My hand. They will tremble in My presence. I have placed the sand as the bound of the sea; by a perpetual decree that it cannot pass beyond it. My sovereign power will be your defense and your strength.

I will lift you up on a high table, in the presence of those who despise you. They will see that you are Mine and that I have loved you deeply. Soon all pain will end and you will feel only Me and My compassion around you. My love will cause you to touch the clouds and you will see the light of My face.

I have favored you and I am with you to deliver you. There is no fear in My love. Let go of your fears and fall in My love. I will catch you and I will never let you go. I did not call you out to Me, to hurt you, or let you drown.


Though they may say, “where is the word of the Lord?”. Do not fear, only believe Me.  For they do not understand My ways, nor the appointed time. My word is fire, and it will accomplish what I please. Even as the vision has taken longer than you hoped to come to pass, wait for it because it happens just as I have said. Even the stork in the heavens knows her appointed times. My word will never pass away.


The only way to move forward is to trust Me. I will hold you up. The way to know that you can trust in me is to fall into me in complete surrender. As a momma bird nudges at the baby bird to fly, likewise I am nudging you to trust Me deeper. Rise against the fear and intimidation, and just let go. Spread your wings of faith and FLY to me. You are the apple of my eye and I will not fail you…..ever.



Written by Dannette Lynn



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